Canape Catering Melbourne Menu – Eddie Basich

Cold Canapés

Rare roast beef, garlic croutons, grain mustard mayo

Mediterranean grilled veggie bruschetta, marinated feta

Poached prawns, chilled cucumber, avocado mousse

Shredded roast Duck, mini pancakes, spiced plum sauce

Zucchini & Potato frittata

Smoked Tasmanian Salmon ‘en croute’, caviar sour cream

Assorted Baby ‘Nori rolls’

Thai infused Beef Carpaccio, coriander pesto

Hot Canapés

Smoked Salmon & Caper pizzas

Caramelized Spanish onion & goats cheese tarts

Spiced Italian meatballs, rich tomato sauce

Moroccan Chicken skewers, smoked paprika yogurt

Spinach& Feta ‘Triangles’

Greek style Lamb skewers, tatziki

Spiced Thai Chicken cakes, nam jim

Teriyaki Beef kebabs, wasabi Mayo

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