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Adam’s passion for cooking started in the family home. Coming from a New Zealand heritage the preparation of food was important, especially at family gatherings, with his mum and aunts all preparing delicious food, with Adam recalling laughter and banter been heard from the kitchen.

Adam was eager to learn how to prepare food and learnt quickly that a recipe doesn’t always need to be followed and adding just a hint of spice or sprinkle of seasoning can make a meal go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Adam would often accompany his mum and aunt who were cooks in restaurants and learnt how a busy kitchen worked and the joy diners would get from good food.

Upon entering High School, Adam was the only male in home economics with his teacher encouraging Adam’s flare for food and his need to create food more advanced than the curriculum.

Whilst commencing his apprenticeship as a mechanic Adam soon realised this wasn’t his calling and sort employment with the Meads Group.  Adam rose quickly through the ranks of the Meads Group and after successfully completing his apprenticeship he was the youngest Head Chef at the age of 23 years.

Adam has gone on to be awarded 11 Gold Plates and had numerous articles written in the media about his dynamic food which has seen Adam sort after within the Industry however he will only take on roles that allow him to use fresh produce.

With over 20 years experience as a Head Chef Adam has never been more dedicated and passionate about producing high quality food. Adam feels that eating his food should be an experience of mouth-watering indulgence, food that patrons can’t and or won’t prepare for themselves.

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