Anjali Modi

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Anjali was born and raised in Mumbai India, where she was exposed to a fusion of unique Indian culture and traditional Indian influences, which created a delicious masterpiece. From an early age she enjoyed creating food to please family and friends.

Taking advice from her mom and dad, Anjali decided to come to Australia to study Hospitality Management. She started by working in fine dining restaurants in New South Wales, and it was there that her passion for modern cuisine started. She didn’t just like it, she loved it, and from that moment her professional career began.

Anjali started creating mouthwatering dishes at every restaurant she worked at, and eventually found herself working for 5-star hotels around Australia.  She now has 6 years of extensive experience working for hotels such as Stamford Plaza, Marriott International and Hilton International.

Along with her dedication and passion for fine dining, Anjali wants to introduce traditional Indian gastronomy into modern cooking techniques, like sous vide, to create a molecular Indian cuisine, all while using local produce. Anjali’s passion is to deliver a modern Australian dining experience to every table.

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