Craig Bester

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Craig, aged 9yrs old, found himself following the aroma of freshly baked goods leading down the corridor to the girls Home Economics class where he was invited to participate in which was to be, his first recipe.

After revealing Craig’s natural gift, he then, aged 12, attended a 5year course at Hotel School in South Africa.

Following his career choice Craig travelled, worked and explored over 20 countries in order to experience worldly flavours, exotic and  indigenous ingredients and diverse cooking techniques.

Craig has resided in NZ for 14 years working as an Executive Chef for luxury resorts and as a Personal and Private Chef for exclusive clients on their yachts, luxury homes and private venues.

With over 20 years of global experience Craig’s menus show case  fresh NZ produce with both bold and subtle flavours that will mindfully remain and have you returning for more, and can now, be brought to you, at your table.

Chefs Craig has worked for:

Executive Chef Andrew Tietjens – Langham Hotel NZ

Executive Chef & Consultant Stephanie Moon – Woodhall Hotel Linton now Executive chef at Rudding Park Hotel

Greg Olsen – Bay Cottage 9 Gold Plate Awards – Now Olsen’s Catering Dunsborough Perth

Simon Crannage – One of Yorkshire Award Winning Chefs – Executive Chef Swinton Park Hotel

Jonathan Nicholson – Montcalm Hotel Nikko Group

Peter Gottgens – International Celebrity Chef South Africa & UK

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