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Duane has always enjoyed cooking, and from a young age he knew it was what he was meant to pursue in life. Eager to get into the industry, at the age of 13 he started at the bottom, washing dishes in a kitchen. It wasn’t long before he was moved into kitchen preparation and his career began in ernest.

Duane gained his formal qualifications and completed his trade certificate at Frasers Restaurant in Perth, voted one of the top 100 Restaurants in Australia. He then moved on to become Head Chef at The Core Cider House, where he designed multiple menus around the seasons and the restaurant was awarded Gold Plate Finalist in Three Categories.

Working mainly in Australia and New Zealand, Duane has also travelled and tasted his way through Malaysia.

Duane is meticulous in his trade, and ensures a consistently clean kitchen at every restaurant he works. Duane has been very popular with clients, who always comment on his outstanding food and professional service. Food is his passion and making people happy through his food is what gives him the most satisfaction.

Duane has an appreciation for all food, however his two favourite dishes to prepare and cook are pork belly and Italian cuisine.

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