Emil Skrutvold

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Originating from Norway, Emil Skrutvold’s love for food developed from observing both parents working as qualified Pastry Chefs. From the young age of 14, he worked as a kitchen hand in an Oslo Hotel, learning the fundamentals of kitchen operations, which inspired him to go on to culinary school at 16 years old.

Emil has since worked on mastering his skills and experience throughout Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom and now Australia. His career has seen some prestigious highlights, such as working at The Royal Norwegian Embassy of London.

He enjoys the creativity in his work, exploring flavor combinations, textures and varying preparation methods and ingredients. With his international experience, Emil enjoys exploring different cuisines and dishes from throughout the world, but also values farm fresh foraging and cooking local ingredients he’s collected himself.

When Emil cooks he takes inspiration from his family, remembering being a child and cooking alongside and learning from his grandmother. Emil enjoys exploring exotic ingredients and cooking new dishes for his supportive wife, who motivates his passion for food.

Seeing guests happy and satisfied with the food he prepares makes Emil happy and satisfied with his creations. When cooking, Emil appreciates when guests show special interest and ask questions about his food.

Emil brings his creativity and Scandinavian flare to the Australian culinary world through unique private dining experiences.

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