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Anna is a typical French Epicurean with a Russian background, she comes from a very creative family where music and cooking was a long tradition. She received a music education but cooking has always been her real passion. Specially from the 90s when she moved to Paris and realized that French cuisine is real art.

Anna quickly became famous with her Parisian friends and neighbors for hosting the best parties in the area. She was invited to work at the local most popular restaurant-cave “Chez Erwan” where she soon replaced the head chef while the owner i focused on his favorite part of the business that was the wine trading.

After a few years of bistro cooking Anna realized that she needed a new challenge. She was offered a job in a 1 Michelin star restaurant in the touristic town of Chartre where she discovered gastronomic cuisine and decided to get a Master’s Degree in one of France’s most prestigious cooking school LENOTRE (Pastry and French haute cuisine). She found her new passion and obtained her degree with distinction.

Anna had the unique opportunity to work with several MOF winners (it’s the most prestigious award in French gastronomy): Jean-Michel Bannwart (delicatessen), Guy Krenzer (pastry), etc. At last, Anna put to practice what she learned working at “le Pré Catelan”in Paris, 3* Michelin for the world famous Chef Frédéric Anton.

In 2017 Anna followed her husband who went to Sydney for work and joined the team of At Your Table Chefs Australia

Anna describes her cooking style as music on your plate, and her credo is to use only the finest products. She applies the perfectionism of the French cooking along with modern techniques. The style of your dinner can be chosen together with  you between French, Italian, Fusion, Middle eastern.


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