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Charles fisher was born in Alexandria, Louisiana where he developed a passion for “cajun” cuisine mixed with a fair of French. Charles moved to the south of France at the age of 4 but finally settled in Sydney.

His passion for food has followed him everywhere. As a young child he was always around his mother in the kitchen and always helped with the ritual Sunday mooring pancakes.

During his career as a chef he travelled to Europe once again to work in London, Paris, Toulouse and also spent time working in America.

Charles has been fortunate enough to work with some of Europe’s best chefs including Gordon Ramsey and Marco Pierre White.

Based in Sydney he is currently head chef in a Darlinghurst based restaurant where he has worked for 2 years.

Previous positions in Sydney restaurant Altitude restaurant “1 hat”, Rockpool “2 hats”, Opera house “Aria” “2 Hats”.

His career as a chef over the past 10 years has seen him working with some amazing and talented Chefs that he has learnt a lot from, he is always looking for perfection, whilst striving for individualism, which in Hospiality is one of the hardest things.

Charles believes that as a chef you never stop learning and you should take every day as it comes and keep a open mind when it comes to food.


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