As a child my parents often took me on overseas trips. It instilled in me a passion for both travelling and trying new cuisine. I’ve always loved eating my way through new countries!

My family owns a restaurant in Bordeaux, so I spent a lot of my time as a teenager in the kitchen. Because of this, I was lucky to discover my love for preparing great food at a young age and started a bachelor’s degree in culinary art at 16. After four years, with my degree in one hand and my passport in the other, I set off the travel the world. Working and learning in every spot.

I worked for two years under multi-Michelin star chef Alain Ducasse at Jules Verne the top of the Eiffel tower. From there I moved to Norway, San Francisco and finally settled in Sydney.  I’m in love with the excitement surrounding food in this city, and I’m constantly being amazed and inspired by why I see plated up.

I’ll bring my knowledge of international cuisine and fine French training to your plate.

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