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Paul McDonald has been in commercial kitchens around the globe for over 25 years, from the burger joint around the corner to Michelin star restaurants and possibly everything in between.

A commercial cookery teacher, restaurant & industry judge & author. Paul has been running a successful personal chef company for years & now his hospitality consultancy is successfully advising clients worldwide. Paul is in demand as a speaker and mentor throughout the food industry. He also runs a mean food truck and pop up dessert company.

He’s brought some of the best chefs in the country together through his #grillthechef series, working alongside Tony Bilson, Colin Fassnidge, Anna Polyviou, Matt Kemp, Steve Hodges and many many more. He heads up the Central coast food collective, linking growers to chefs & his #fatmeringue trailer is blowing up at events around the country.

More importantly his food is solid. French classically trained but high end modern cuisine, using local & sustainable ingredients from amazing sources.


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