Anna Migeon’s Modern French Menu


Salmon gravlax with horseradish Chantilly served with crostini

Mackerel fish tartare with potato, shallot and garlic

Octopus salad with marinated tomatoes, olives and potatoes

Beef carpaccio

Four season salad – seasonal roasted vegetables with honey pinenuts

Salad a la russe – prawns, potatoes, pickles, peas and mayonnaise


Pork filet mignon with confit onions, prunes and potato gratin

Beef confit, tomatoes, onions, steamed seasonal vegetables and pomme puree

Slow cooked Tasmanian salmon, white asparagus mousse, confit lemons sauce, crispy asparagus

Lamb fillet, confit of lamb, tomato, cinnamon, cumin, onions served with polenta

Scallop risotto fregola sarda, chorizo, peas, red pepper, cream and confirm lemon emulsion

Snapper brandade, snapper fillet lemon butter sauce served with greens

Vegetalbe ratatioulle with pomme purre


Caramalised pear, honey sauce, crunchy almonds and mascarpone cream

Crème Brulee, tonka, almond slices

Chocolate tart and candid orange

Marscarpone and caramel tart tatin

Warm pistachio cookies with salted butter caramel and praline

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