Ben Wallace’s Canapé menu


‘Rice paper rolls’ mushroom, garlic chive, spring-onion, cucumber, sweet soy dipper  ( V)

Smoked Duck breast, water melon, chives, black vinegar

Coconut cured Ocean Trout, pickled cucumber

Stuffed Marinated Eggplant, coriander, chilli, butternut squash ( V)

‘Cos lettuce leaf cup’ Thai Beef tartar

Szechwan Pork & Prawn-Chinese cabbage wrap

Hot Canapés

Sweet Corn & garlic chive Wontons (V)

Chicken Vermicelli spring rolls, Sriracha

Thai Pork skewer, sweet chilli

Tapioca Dumpling, Sweet Pork, fried shallot

Thai Fish Cakes, ‘Prik Nam Pla’

Crispy Thai fried Chicken, chilli vinegar

Substantial Canapés

Steamed Silken Tofu, Chinese broccoli, Soy, Mirin (V)

Crispy Chicken wings, palm sugar caramel

Glass Noodle salad, Snapper, chilli, coconut, lime

Sweet & Sour Pork, steamed rice

Fried chilli Beef, watercress

Squid Salad, chilli, coriander, mint

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