Ben’s Canapé menu


Ceviche Spoons- Fresh fish marinated in lime and coconut with mango (gf)

Tuna Tartare, avocado and Kalamata olive on cucumber (gf)

Prawn and avocado salsa on corn tortilla (gf)

Oyster’s au natural with pickled ginger vinaigrette (gf)

Rare Beef, horseradish and beetroot on crostini

Chicken and Tarragon rillettes on crostini

Smoked Halloumi with tzatziki and chorizo crumb (gf)

Beetroot and Goats cheese tartlet (v)

Caprese salad spoon (v,gf)

Compressed watermelon and feta spoons, walnut and truffle dressing (v,gf)


Thai fish cakes with panko crumb and sweet chilli

Garlic Prawn skewers (gf)

Confit pork belly spoons with sour apple (gf)

Lamb kofta lollipops with mint yoghurt (gf)

Crispy skin duck spoons with spiced cherry (gf)

Szechwan chicken skewers, black sweet and sour sauce

Beef steak wrapped in prosciutto, chimichurri (gf)

Three cheese stuffed mushroom, plum glaze (v,gf)

Mini vegetarian quiche in puff pastry (v)

Sweet corn and dill fritters with smoked paprika aioli


Moroccan Lamb stew with Israeli couscous OR saffron rice (gf)

Pork fillet, cabbage and fennel stir fry, mash potato (gf)

Pulled beef and cheddar sliders with dill pickle Chicken BLT Sliders with ranch aioli

Baked Salmon with pickled fennel salad (gf)

Sweet potato and cumin frittata with rocket (v,gf)

Mint pea risotto with goats cheese and mint jelly (v,gf)


Chocolate brownie

Raspberry cheesecake tartlets

Raw cocoa and almond bliss ball (gdf)

Flourless orange and poppy seed cake (gdf)

Coconut and cardamom panna cotta, mango gel (gdf)

Dark chocolate and Cointreau ganache tartle

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