Ben Wallace’s Modern Asian Menu


‘Tom Kha Pla’ coconut soup, poached fish, oyster mushrooms, fresh lime, coriander

Hot & Sour Thai Beef salad, mint, shallot, lime leaf, lemongrass

Steamed Silken Tofu, soy, mirin, spring onion, ginger, chilli  (V)

Mushroom Won tons, garlic chive, chilli, black vinegar (V)

Raw Kingfish, caramelised peanuts, green chilli ‘Nam jim’

‘Pork Larp’, coriander, mint, lime leaf, lemon grass, roasted rice


‘Khao Soi’ style Chicken curry, egg noodles, pickled mustard greens

‘Red curry’, Mussels, snake beans, apple, eggplant, chilli, lime

Roasted Duck leg, coconut, sweet potato, spring onion, chilli

‘Hang Lay Curry’, braised pork, peanuts, young garlic, coriander

Roasted Pumpkin Yellow Curry, tofu, baby corn, Thai basil (V)

Rice Noodle Salad, snow pea, ginger, shallot, chilli, fermented yellow beans (V)


Jasmin Tea parfait, palm sugar fudge

Cacao & Lime mouse

Banana & Coconut steamed pudding

‘Sweet & Salty’ Tapioca pearls, seasonal fruits

‘Black Sticky Rice’, grilled pineapple, toasted coconut

Pumpkin & Ginger cake, citrus cream

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