Caleb’s Modern Asian Menu


Asian flavoured congee, poached oyster, egg emulsion, chive

Thai flavoured chicken breast, homemade thai green sauce, zucchini, white garlic puree

Pork belly confit, scallop, cauli puree, puffed scallop, hazelnut dressing, cauliflower cous

Poached salmon roulade, leek aioli, cremefraiche, apple chip, lemon

Thai fish cake, thai salad, namjim sauce, fish tapioca puff


Soy braised beef shortrib, wombok puree, cabbage pickle, hazelnut spatzle, pea

Korean sauce ‘doenjang’ marinated pork loin, sesame leaf, daikon pickle, steamed cabbage

Panfried lamb loin, lambshank roulade, beet crisp, goat cheese, date

Fish of the day, pipi chowder, fennel pickle, pancetta crisp, smoked mussel, mash potato

Double baked pumpkin souffle, parmesan ship, sage, assorted cheese veloute sauce


Chocolate mousse cake, chocolate glaze, chocolate crumb, choco meringue, raspberry sorbet

Apple cremepastry, apple powder, apple sorbet, yuzu jelly, mint, shortbread cookie crumb

Fresh coconut pannacotta, coconut sorbet, coconut jelly, sake granita

White chocolate matcha mousse, spinach sponge cake, strawberry sorbet, almond nougatine

Rum caramelized banana, banana cake, honey comb icecream, pop corn

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