Caleb’s Modern Asian Menu


Panfried king prawn, charred corn, chilli, coriander, bisque sauce, puffed prawn

Confit pork belly, smoked pork fat, torched squid, squid ink dressing, radish, cabbage

Sous-vide chicken breast, thai curry sauce, pickled cauli, grilled zucchini, root vege crisp

Salmon roulade, leek aioli, horseradish crème fraiche, pressed apple, cucumber

Thai fish tortellini, tomato confit, white bean puree, crispy rice, coriander


Soy braised beef shortrib, hazelnut spätzle, wonbok pickle, truffle wombok puree, watercress

Herb crusted pork loin, braised pork roulade, carrot puree, apple powder, honey glazed carrot

Sous-vide lamb loin, prosciutto wrapped lamb shank, textures of peas, jus

Fish of the day, clamb chowder, pancetta, leek oil, mash potato

Pumpkin soufflé, deep fried sage, parmesan chip, truffle vinaigrette


6 textures chocolate, raspberry sorbet

Apple, lemon pastry crème, apple chip, shortbread crumb, apple gel, apple sorbet, yuzu

Coconut panacotta, coconut sorbet sorbet, coconut gallate, sake granita

Soufflé cheese cake, sabaeyonespuma, pressed strawberry, pistachio sugar crisp,

Orange cake, orange segment, orange syrup, white chocolate ganache, vanilla ice cream

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