Charlotte’s Modern Australian


Kingfish ceviche, grapefruit, trout roe, chilli coriander paste

Shredded Pork, coconut caramel, chilli, pickled cabbage salad

‘Korean style’ Beef tartare, pine nuts, homemade rice crackers

Freshly shucked Oysters, fresh raspberry vinegar, coriander, ginger

Beetroot and basil cured Salmon, orange & fennel salad

Mushroom, Coriander and Lemongrass soup, parmesan toast


Jasmine Tea-smoked Duck, celeriac mash, kale chips, pomegranate caramel

Spicy Korean Tofu, pickled cabbage, soba noodles, peanuts, fresh herbs

Beef Eye Fillet, caramelized fennel, roast pepper salsa, red wine jus

‘Hot and Sour’ Barramundi fillet, shaved vegetable salad, jasmine rice

Pearl Barley Risotto, Salami, dried tomato & goats cheese, fresh herbs and lemon

Parmesan crumbed Veal tenderloin, cannellini bean, roast garlic purée, salsa verde


Dark Chocolate Fondant, raspberry caramel, double cream

‘Espresso’ cheesecake

Rhubarb, pomegranate, raspberry, mint & white chocolate salad

Caramel Pannacotta,  milk chocolate ganache, popcorn, almond praline

Mandarin & almond cake, chocolate ice-cream

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