Jack’s Modern Asian Menu


Poached prawn  roasted carrot, leek aioli, carrot puree, bisque, puffed rice

Pork belly confit  butter poached squid, salsa verde puree, puffed pork skin

Salmon tartare  lemon gel, dill oil, house made blini, sour cream,

Jasmin tea smoked duck  orange dressing, orange segment, apple, lotus root crisp

Scallop mousse  potato confit, cauliflower truffle puree, puffed scallop


Double baked mushroom souffle  stuffed field mushroom, wombok purée, mushroom veronica sauce

Braised beef short rib  torched cabbage, rice spátzle, white cabbage pickle, chinese cabbage puree

Charcoaled beef sirloin  beetroot cooked in beet juice, beet, kale chip, celeriac puree, three types salt

Pan fried fish of the day  warm cucumber salad, spring onion vinegarette, snow pea, ginger

Sousvide pork loin  honey caramelized carrot, herb crust, potato gratin, apple purée, jus


6 textures chocolate  raspberry purée, raspberry sorbet

chef caleb style tiramisu  coffee ice cream

fresh coconut panna cotta  coconut jelly, coconut sorbet, sake granita, coconut galette

white chocolate pecan pudding  white chocolate ice cream

chestnut choux pastry  chestnut sponge cake, soboro, brown butter icecream, walnut oil

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