Melissa McFadden
Delicious food, professional staff, a very enjoyable night would highly recommend.

Katherine Ware (QLD)

Melissa McFadden
For unfortunate personal reasons I missed the first three dinners, however I got to the fourth and it was exquisite. By then the rest of the group had developed a rapport with Melissa who is not only a wonderful chef but one of the friendliest, well world travelled, super chef experienced people. She even shared her knowledge teaching one guest the secret to perfect duck fat roasted potatoes, all while we generally got in the way without her seeming at all phased. We chopped and changed what we wanted, sometimes she had to cook different dishes for each of us, she didn’t bat an eyelid gliding stresslssly round the kitchen . Each time she left the place was tidier than when she arrived, tonight we don’t have anyone to cook for us, life barely seems worth living ;-> Please pass this to the company that put her forward and to anyone else that might be interested. This was the first time I’ve hired a cook to help when renting a property, if it’s always this good I’m a convert.

Julian Hayward - AMEX (QLD)

Melissa McFadden
We really enjoyed the experience, service and food

Hayden Fisher (QLD)

Melissa McFadden
Melissa was amazing, very professional, accommodating and friendly. Melissa and Jasmine (waitress) came in and got right to work, producing amazing food and service. They also cleaned up promptly and worked their way around the kitchen without asking a question. If I could give one critique, it would be that some of the meals were a little small on portion size. Aside from this, I could not fault the night from start to finish.

Nikki Wilson (QLD)

Melissa McFadden
We were all impressed with Melissa .She arrived on time ; everything was done according to the time sheet we were given. She dose not drink. Service was great ; and out two special guests had a wonderful night.

Allan McGeachie (QLD)

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