Nathan’s Canapé menu

Dry aged Spanish chorizo grilled w marinated feta Black cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella, purple basil & virgin olive oil

Cured Bresaola w Sicilian green olive tapenade, ciabatta croutons & lemon oil

Caramelised heirloom beetroot & goats curd tartlets w malt vinegar glaze

Caramelised leek & thyme quiche

Chicken, corn & chive quiche

Cumin spiced Lamb meatballs

Chorizo & chicken paella rice balls w paprika aioli

Caramelised pumpkin & caraway seed rice balls w apple cider vinegar aioli

Heirloom Beetroot rice balls w caramelised shallot, balsamic aioli

Porcini mushroom rice balls w basil aioli

Treacle basted sweet potato rice balls w aioli

Coconut & Kaffir lime leaf chicken rice balls w chilli aioli

Pork, lemongrass kaffir lime leaf balls w lime aioli

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