Ryo’s Canapé menu


Fresh Shucked Oyster

Tosazu, tobiko, chive

Alaskan King Crab Salad

Celeriac, Apple, Nori

Spicy Edamame

Japanese healthy soy beans

Smoked Chicken Wrap

Sesame, Wasabi mayo

Salmon Avocado Sushi Roll

Soy sauce

Vegetable Sushi Roll

Soy sauce


Crispy Kataifi Prawn

Yuzu mayonnaise

Karaage Chicken

Sweet & sour sauce

Wagyu Meat Ball

Spicy yuzu teriyaki sauce

Tonkatsu Pork Eye-Fillet

Japanese BBQ sauce

Pork Gyoza

Ponzu, housemade chilli oil

Seared Tofu

Shimeji mushroom, spicy yuzu sweet soy sauce


Japanese Style Chicken Curry

Served with rice

Japanese Style Vegetable Curry

Served with rice

Pulled Smoky Beef Slider

Wasabi coleslaw, Gherkins

Pork Ramen

Slow braised pork belly, soup noodle

Vegetable Ramen

Special vegetable soup noodle

Teriyaki Salmon

Wasabi & taro risotto

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