Sidney Tor’s Sharing Menu

Choose 2 from each section. All dishes will be served

feasting style on platters to share in the middle of the table


Tender pork belly with parsley mushrooms and charred shallots (GF, NF)

Slow braised octopus with ricotta gnocchi, sweet corn and hot Nduja (NF)

Pressed BBQ spring lamb shoulder with smoked yogurt on green herb polenta and pickled red onions (GF, NF)

Lobster – truffle ravioli with grilled asparagus and red smoked capsicum oil (GF, NF)

Duck breast on sweet corn barley, basil with charred and pickled cabbage (NF)

Black rice risotto with asparagus, parmesan crisp and red chilli threats (GF, NF)


Duck breast and leg with confit kipfler potato, charred leek and balsamic glazed cherry tomatoes (GF, NF, LF)

Ocean trout filet on zucchini creme and roasted beets (GF, NF)

48h BBQ short rib on mustard beans, pickled Spanish on pumpkin puree (GF, NF)

Prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin on cauliflower puree with pickled red onion and buttered peas (GF, NF, LF)

Lamb backstrap on avocado with confit sweet potato and sugar snaps (GF, NF)

Barramundi on grilled asparagus and pearl potatoes (GF, NF)

BBQ Eye filet with red wine jus on garlic and broad bean puree and charred spring onion (GF, NF)


Cheeses with quince mousse and homes made lavosh (V, VG a, GF a, NF a)

Rich dark chocolate cake with warm cherries under amaretti crumb and fresh oranges (V)

Peach and tonka bean pavlova with raspberry floss, pistachio crunch and ruby chocolate (V, GF a, NF a, LF a)

Smoked white chocolate mousse with passionfruit curd, coffee soil, blueberries and hazelnut joconde (V, GF a, NF a)

Mango on black rice pudding with lime and coconut cake (V, VG a, GF a, NF, LF a)

V =vegetarian, VG = vegan, GF = gluten free, NF = nut free, LF = lactose free, a = available on request

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