6 Best Australian White Wines to try in 2020
Jul 16, 2020

We all love wine. We all love to think we know about wine. But how much do you really know about Australian White Wines?

Picking a wine can be tricky, partly because most of us don’t know as much as we think we do, partly because of the sheer variety of wine available and partly because we are often in a rush when doing so.

That’s why we have created a short list of Australian White wines to try in 2020.

Stick a note in your phone, be ready the next time you’ve had a hard day at work and need some delicious distraction from the real world;)

At Your Tables Australian White wines to try this year.

  • Vinteloper: 500ml Park Wine, Gewurtzraminer, 2017
  • Jilly Wines Lone Ranger Chardonnay, 2018
  • Harkham: Aziza’s Semillon Hunter Valley, 2017
  • Grosset: Alea Off Dry Riesling, 2017
  • Delamere Chardonnay Tasmania, 2012 
  • Alan & Nelly Cooper: Cobaw Ridge Chardonnay, 2015 

Vinteloper: 500ml Park Wine, Gewurtzraminer, 2017

Vinteloper’s 2017 Park Wine ‘Winner of the the best Avant Garde Wine in the 2017 Adelaide Hills wine show’ is our first of the Australian White wines to keep an eye on. Brought to you by Dave Bowley, Vinteloper has had 14 days on skins.

“Park Wine. For drinking in the park. Made and packaged, ignoring the rules, we suggest you embrace the same spirit in drinking”

“It’s a Gewurtztraminer & Sauvignon… Impossible to pronounce but easy to swallow.”

A touch cloudy, super fresh and a lil funky. Go get some.

Jilly Wines Lone Ranger Chardonnay, 2018

There are Chardonnays built for contemplation, there are Chardonnays built for maturing long-term, there are Chardonnays that just don’t taste like Chardonnay, and then there are Chardonnays like this that make you want to up-end the bottle in one gulp.

Different Drop

Jared Dixon, ruling the minimal intervention wine cartel once again.

It’s a full, luscious Chardonnay with ripe fruit flavours and plenty of fun to be had.

Harkham: Aziza’s Semillon Hunter Valley, 2017

The 2017 Harkham Semillon, from NSW’s Hunter Valley, is one of the best value Australian White wines on the market.

It’s a skin contact Orange wine, yet it enters the category with a subtle introduction if you are not already an Orange wine drinker. If you then this will slide back with ease.

“Super easy to drink with notes of stone fruit and tropical vibes all round,”

At $35, coming from a small, family owned winery it represents great value through and through. “New style winemaking in one of the oldest wine regions in Australia.”

Grosset: Alea Off Dry Riesling, 2017

Again, at the $35 mark, this 2017 Riesling, made in the Clare Valley, is one of the best Australian White wines we have had… (we do love a Riesling)

 “This one’s great with food, or just to quench a thirst on a hot summer’s day.”

Not quite dry, not quite sweet. Its circle of pure Riesling flavours runs alongside mouth-watering acidity. Within this realm, it usher’s perfection.

Delamere Chardonnay Tasmania, 2012

The secret here is all about power without alcohol sweetness – it’s compact, with a nose of nougat, mandarin and melon, the oak giving a white peach richness, yet with a palate that never looks oaky or indeed anything but pure and clean. From first whiff it’s undoubtedly a full tilt Chardonnay, the oak toast and melon richness marking this as no modern, Sauv-Blanc-posing-as-Chardonnay.

“Heaven sent, lush rich oak but still with fresh vibrant acid,”

Like a cream dream has hit your palate, you can sit there and roll this thing around your taste buds till the cows come home.

Kate Peck

Alan & Nelly Cooper: Cobaw Ridge Chardonnay, 2016

Definitely one for a slightly special occasion or dinner party where you need to impress, this Chary comes in a $55 per bottle and secures is space in our Australian White Wines for 2019 as our cool climate special occasion wine.

From the “Certified Biodynamic Estate in the Macedon ranges of Victoria”

Think ripe apples, honey, butter and citrus.

Do you have a few favourite Australian White Wines we should try? (We love a good recommendation… Who doesn’t)

Let us know in the comments below.

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