The Art of Dinner

Perfect Cocktail Canapé Recipes, ‘Quinoa Arancini’

Food and Drink pairings don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

If at some point you have been fortunate enough to experience a multiple course degustation style dinner with matched wines, then you will know what an indulgent and palette tantalising experience it can be.Pairing food with different drinks can enhance both elements, done correctly!

Seasonal Summer Produce, local matters!

Summer is upon us and it comes along with abundant produce, vibrant veggie patches and plenty of long sun filled afternoons to sit back and enjoy!Our Seasonal Series is here as a guideline for what’s good at the moment. We are strong believers in shopping local, using seasonal produce and take this opportunity to share our excitement with you!

Pinterest top cocktail party food trends!

What can we say, spring is over, the summer is here - it brings out the social butterfly in most of us! Cold ones at the beach, bbq’s, dinner parties and cocktail evenings with friends. Whatever, your excuse for a gathering with delicious food to match is a must!

5 Top tips for choosing the right Wedding Caterer!

This is for all you soon-to-be Brides and Grooms out there! Those of you who will already know how difficult the meticulous planning of your perfect day can be! Choosing a Wedding Caterer is just one of many challenges you will face. We don’t mean to overwhelm you, more sympathise with how much you have on.

5 Menu Ideas catering for the perfect corporate lunch

Boardroom meetings, corporate lunches, and product launches all require a mountain of organisation to string together. Providing food and beverages for those long afternoons is probably just another thing on your ever growing To-do-list.

Taste Food Festival Melbourne caters to foodies far and wide

Over ten years ago, The Taste Festival was born in London’s Somerset house, although not in the same venue - it still runs today with more stars and stripes than a military veteran.Taste Festivals are now held in 22 cities worldwide and for the curious foodie we cannot think of a better place to be!

Why having your Christmas Party catered for is a great idea!

Well, if you are the one in charge of organising the Christmas staff party, then chances are it is well and truly on your to-do-list! We have come up with a few suggestions below that may help you make those choices. Whether you are looking for canapés at the office, a corporate style lunch or a full day catered package - ‘At Your Table’ can take care of your staff party and is set to bring the goods.

Catering to your needs, 5 top questions to ask a personal chef!

So, let’s say you nearly have the catering for your party organised, venue ... check, guest list … check … styling and décor … check, Personal Chef … check … Everything seems to be in place, however you want to run over things one more time to ensure you have it all covered.

5 Great tips for an impromptu Dinner party!

So we have all been there at some point or another, the impromptu dinner party. Somehow a last minute dinner party to get everyone together is on the cards. Due to logistics it looks like you’re in the firing line to be the host! You haven’t planned a menu, you haven’t practised or researched any cocktails and you are starting to feel the pressure!

5 Amazing idea’s for the perfect Brunch party!

Whether you are celebrating a close one’s birthday, an engagement party or you just need an excuse for a get together, a brunch party is the perfect way to get things done!Easy to prepare, relaxed and you get to spend the day in the sun - ‘Brunch’ it’s the idyllic focal point for a perfect shindig!

Gearing up for a Springtime BBQ?

So with winter well behind us, let’s let the good times roll! Imagine barbecuing at the beach, Après-surf cold ones and long evenings on the deck. Spring is upon us, it’s warm, everybody has a captivating level of stoke and those long sunset afternoons are as good as gold! Australia loves a good BBQ and so does ‘At Your Table’. We want to share a few notions that have us excited to get the Webber out this spring …

How personal Chef’s deal with Food intolerances!

Do you picture a red faced angry chef, blood boiling and sweat dripping from his brow, when someone at the table reels off their long list of food intolerances?There’s no denying that each year as a Chef I see more and more dietary requirements and food intolerances.

Personal Chef Spotlight: Clancy Atkinson

At Your Table would not be able to function without the talents and skill of the amazing chefs that we work with.This series, called “Chef Spotlight”, is a chance for you to get to know the faces behind the food, and is a chance for us to say Thank You to the men and women who make At Your Table succeed!

Brisbane Catering Review unveils during the Wedding season

Whether you are organising a dinner party, cocktail reception, specialised event or anything in between; ‘At Your Table’ Brisbane can provide bespoke menus, drinks and service to match your theme, location and budget. We ensure that your event runs flawlessly – exceeding the expectations of you your guests.

We are eating healthy food’s like they are going out of fashion!

Leading chefs have a huge influence on food trends - regarding what we cook at home, what we go to dinner for and what we feed our families. Back in the day, the stereo typical image of a chef was an overweight bloke with a tall hat, a cigarette in hand and a filthy apron. So what’s changed?

The Australian ‘Craft Beer’ Scene, It’s thirsty work!

There is something captivating about the craft beer scene in Australia, come to mention it, our alcohol industry as a whole is enthralling to say the least. Maybe it’s our pleasant climate that urges a cold and crispy afternoon beverage or maybe it’s our love for all things food and drink. Either way you look at it, we know our way around a fine bottle of grog! We have formed what we believe to be a list of ten splendid drops from the ever-evolving Australian craft beer scene.

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month

Sydney Catering Review reveals a Delicious choice of Menus

Whether you are organizing a dinner party, cocktail reception, specialized event or anything in between; ‘At Your Table’ will provide bespoke menus, drinks and service to coincide with your theme, location and budget. We aim to ensure that your event runs flawlessly - astounding your guests with the utmost degree of excellence.

Seasonal Produce ‘September Cooking Tips’

September on the east coast really is a tremendous time of year, the sun has a touch more warmth, the mornings are not quite so crisp and the general craving to be outside is embedded within us once more!

‘Know your butcher’ Sustainable series part 3

When writing a menu a proud Chef wants to gain trust in their patrons by demonstrating an approach to ethical meat. Do you know your Butchers name? I can guarantee the country’s leading chefs do!

Melbourne Catering Review reveals a Savoury choice of Menus

We differ from normal catering services in that we offer you a unique opportunity to engage with your chosen chef, from first consultation through planning and preparations to the execution of your event.

5 Reasons you should hire a personal chef to take care of the catering for your next event!

Throwing a cocktail and canapé soiree or hosting a foodie based birthday is a lot of hard work so why not hire a professional Chef to take care of the cooking and lift some of the weight.

Good Fish, Bad Fish – Sustainable series part 2

If you could help the ocean replenish some of its stock by simply asking a few questions, would you? This week we are taking a look at sustainable seafood. Sadly, the truth is, Seafood stocks are diminishing worldwide! Does this mean we should all stop eating seafood? Well no not necessarily, but what we should do is take a responsible approach to what we do eat, and where we buy it from!

Viva la Mexico – Street food influences!

Viva La Mexico - Street food influences. How does the idea of spicy pulled pork tacos, freshly baked empanadas and icy cold fresh lime Margaritas sound?The “Mexican Wave” is a taking over, from food trucks to festival stalls and bustling city restaurants to creative wedding snack bars. They have all taken influence from Mexico’s delicious, simple and innovative cuisine.

How to become more Sustainable at home.

Although some fashionable advertising phrases such as “farm to plate” “locally foraged” and sourced within “100 miles” are not as new to the restaurant world as some may think. However, there is no doubt that they create great awareness, and we can look to thank our industry experts for leading by example.In this three part blog series we aim to shift your focus to, not only offering delicious food to your family or at your next event but to do so sustainably with a focus on locally sourced produce.

5 Wedding food trends you should watch out for!

In this day and age, a standard sit-down wedding dinner simply does not cut the mustard. In order for your Wedding food to live up to your warm and loving vows, you will need to have at least a little quirk, some form of sophistication and plenty of creative flair.We have compiled a list which is sure to inspire; helping you make the right choices and giving your fiancée 5 minutes of peace and quiet, while you read what we have to say!

6 Restaurants to try before the end of this year in Sydney.

Trying to keep up with restaurant trends is no easy task. By the time this post gets to you it will probably be old news!There will be some newer, cooler restaurant than those mentioned and you wouldn’t want to be seen dead anywhere else but there.‘At Your Table’ would like to try and help by sharing some of our favourite places to eat; the ones we frequently dine at, take inspiration from or recommend clients to go and try.

6 Simple steps to host the perfect pop-up dinner

How to host your own Pop-up dinner! The Pop-up Restaurant’ offers Talented creative chefs, with little financial backing, the opportunity to showcase their skills. It gives existing restaurateurs the ability to try a new concept with a limit for losses, and now, we plan to help all you keen foodies out there throw a pop up dinner of your own.

Pop-up dinners, keeping things personal.

How would you like to relax around a table with your friends while a professional chef creates a special menu for you and your guests?This is a concept that modern day supper clubs are able to achieve and something that ‘At Your Table’ is proud to have in common with these creative culinary providers.