5 Food Trends that will shape 2020
Mar 13, 2020

Predicting the future is never easy but each year we like to try and imagine what the next will bring in regards to food trends. We are talking 5 Food Trends that will shape 2020!

Food trends really are no different to fashion, they come and go at a rate of knots. Sometimes they are indulgency based, other times ethical backing is the driver and probably most common of the food trends is the ‘fad diet’.

We have tried to include a little of each below, like we said a brief prediction of what next year could look like in the world of food!

So here are our 5 Food Trends that will shape 2020

  • Plant-Based Eating
  • Sugar is out
  • More traceability, less waste
  • Collagen Drinks
  • Boozy Kombucha

Plant-Based Eating

I would have picked the Plant based movement as a food trend for 2019, again for 2020 and id even hazard a guess now that I’d be picking this as one of the biggest food trends for the next 5 years, that’s just how quick its growing.

Plant based products are getting better and so with it more people are finding it easier to make the ethical based switch. It’s no longer a need to sacrifice flavour in an attempt to do your part for the global environmental crisis, plant-based products are getting really really good.

Besides plant-based products getting better, what we are more excited about is the plant-based products that have been here forever and are now more widely understood. More people know how to cook the likes of beans and lentils and how to incorporate them into a diet to replace the need for animal-based proteins.

It’s an exciting time if you look at it from a positive point of view. Vegetarianism and veganism on many different levels are swooping across the globe and more and more humans are uniting to fight this battle together!

Sugar is a Goner

Sugar is public enemy number one let’s face it! (well there are a few other enemies we could throw into that equation but as a food-based blog we will leave the politics out of this)

Year on Year more of society becomes aware of the detrimental effects of sugar and we see this as one of the food trends that will help shape 2020 in a big way.

More demand is on the cards for sugar alternatives, reduced sugar in ready-made and restaurant meals and generally a lower level of sugar intake across the board.

Expect to see more natural alternatives, rapadura, coconut sugars, date pastes and Castor sugar being swapped out for raw, less processed alternatives in typical baking recipes.

More traceability, less waste

Consumers aren’t just interested in the end product any more: they’re looking for sustainability. Whether its supermarket shelves or high street restaurants, the public want to know more about what and why they are eating it…

This food trend for 2020 won’t just be confined to traceability of produce, it will relate to the packaging used, recycling methods put to practice and even insight into a businesses’ social awareness.

Reduced waste, reduced food miles and maximum traceability, you mark our words.

Collagen Drinks

In recent years, drinks and supplements containing collagen have slipped under the radar but we are calling this for our 2020 Food trends!

Collagen is a protein that provides the structure for our skin and organs and its being slipped into drinks bottles providing a new wave of well-being based liquids that through consumption can reduce our wrinkles…

Well isn’t that a fine concept. We are definitely not scientists so we cannot offer any factual evidence on his but we do predict more collagen drinks hitting the shops this coming year.

Boozy Kombucha

That’s right, a probiotic favourite from the well-being world is now being loaded with booze.

Contradictive? Maybe… Delicious? Definitely.

First, I saw a few trendy hipster restaurants spiking Kombucha with booze but more recently have spotted companies pumping large amounts of money into bottling these products for mass sale in bottle shops across the country.

As food trends go when it comes to making you feel great this one Is a sure-fire winner, it will get you drunk, it’s good for your gut and although its probably not great for you, you’ll sleep well thinking you have had 8 bottles of probiotic tea as opposed to 8 ‘Gins’.

Which food trends can you see taking off in 2020? Let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to keep an eye out for them too!

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