Dinner Party Game Ideas
May 13, 2021

One of the best ways to break the ice and get the conversation going at any dinner party is to play some party games. There is no shortage of games to entertain your guests- here are 10 of our favorite dinner party game ideas.

Murder mystery

Murder mystery parties are a definite crowd-pleaser. In recent years companies have popped up all over where you can order everything you need to pull off your very own unique murder mystery party or crime-solving adventure.

Card night

Whether you are into poker or blackjack, gather your cards, your chips, and your friends for a dinner party and a card game. Gather some chips, set up a game table and place your bets.

Dinner party game ideas couple playing cards

Celebrity who am I?

This is a fun game to get the conversation going at your next party. Write the names of celebrities on index cards. As guests arrive, attach a card to their backs. Guests have to ask each other questions to try and figure out which celebrity they are. You can also do this with couples if you have many coming to your dinner party.

Couples Game

Inspired by tv’s the newlywed game, this is a fun game to pay if you are having a bunch of couples over for dinner. Everyone will get to know each other better and laughs will definitely ensue.

Ask me a question

Another great conversation starter, all you need to play this is a marker, name tags, and your friends. Guests can grab a name tag and write questions like, “ask me about my first favorite food” or “ask me about my first apartment.” This game will get everyone mingling and talking right off the bat.


This one is a classic for a reason. Pictionary is a game almost everyone knows how to play and it gets that friendly competition up and running in no time. Your party guests will have a lot of fun if you bring out this game at your next dinner party.

women playing game at a dinner party


Another classic party game, charades always brings a party to life. Pay during cocktail hour to get the party moving, or after dinner if you are trying to extend your party for a bit longer. Al you need is a bowl, pen, paper, and some imagination to get started.

Don’t Say Yes

This is a great game to get everyone talking. Guests can’t say the word yes, or any word like it. Whenever someone slips up and says the taboo word, you can use beaded necklaces or stickers to mark the word droppers.

Story Teller

If you have 4-6 people at your dinner party, you have what you need to play a few rounds of story teller at your next dinner party. Simply choose one person to start off the story and then pass it to the person next to them to keep it going. This game is sure to bring on the laughs and a few surprises.


This game is especially fun on New Year’s Eve, but it can also be a great game to play at a birthday or an anniversary where you will be celebrating a turn around the sun. Simply fill out cards with prompts like, “hardest laugh of the year”, “best movie of the year” “favorite place I traveled to this year,” to play. This game is a great way to remember memories from the past year.

Dinner party game ideas for your next gathering

Your RSVPs are in and you’ve reserved your private chef to take care of all of the food. Now, all that’s left to do is to choose one (or two) or these top 10 dinner party games to play with your friends to get everyone talking and having a great time creating memories.

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