8 Reasons to hire a Personal Chef for your next Dinner Party
May 12, 2021

There’s a growing trend for Private Dining Experiences with people across Australia turning to Personal Chefs to cook Michelin Star restaurant food for them at their home dinner parties.

We asked our customers the top reasons they chose to book a personal chef dinner. Here are some of the results.

1. Rising Standards

There’s no doubt that our standards and expectations as a nation are rising when it comes to food. Australia is blessed with a huge variety of cuisine, reflecting our growing multicultural society and all of a high quality and availability. With cooking reality shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules topping the ratings on TV, the nations appetite for food has never been healthier. This is turning up the heat in the kitchen when it comes to entertaining at home.The expectation of by friends and family are high. It seems they’re so used to the on screen critique of food on shows like MKR I often hear a toned down version at the dinner table – even though they aren’t deliberately meaning to be rude I feel the pressure.

It’s no wonder that humble hosts are feeling the need to perform. Hiring a top chef takes the heat off you so you can relax and enjoy the meal as if you were all out to diner at a fine restaurant.

Sarah, NSW

2. Being the host not the slave

We’ve all been there when hosting a dinner party, you end up spending half the night in the kitchen not at the table and you can never really relax and have fun with your guests. The other half of the night is dealing with the mess left in the kitchen and all that washing up! Dinner is supposed to be a close gathering of friends where you get to enjoy each others conversation and company, this doesn’t happen when I have to cook, I spend most of the night away from everyone working. Dinner Party Catering services solve this.

Booking a Personal Chef takes all this away, you spend the night with your guest, you can actually enjoy the company of the guest you invited.

Andy, QLD

3. Special Occasions should be savoured

Special occasions are the most popular reason for booking a Personal Chef. The above two reasons are compounded when its that special night.I hired a personal chef for my Husband’s 40th. If I had to cook I would feel like I was missing out!

Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Celebrations are all times when you want great food and wine and want to enjoy the company of those you have gathered to share the occasion with you.

Amy, NSW

4. Variety is the spice of life

Everyone has their speciality when it comes to cooking, even chefs. For most people it’s that dish they always cook or Mum or Dad’s favourite. But variety is the spice of life and its always fun to try something new that you don’t normally get at home. It’s why we go out to Restaurants but why not bring the restaurant to you.

I love Japanese food but have no idea how to cook it.

Rishi, VIC

5. Privacy is a premium

Sometimes a restaurant just doesn’t cut it when it comes to a gathering for dinner, you have a set time slot, many places you can’t book and then there’s all the other customers.I didn’t want to inflict the speeches at my Rehearsal dinner on anyone else.

A noisy atmosphere is sometimes fun but not always suitable for every occasion. Private dining can’t really be beaten, its why Private Dining rooms are the VIP option in many restaurants, why not re create that experience for less in your own home. You never get kicked out and you can be as loud as you like.

Damian, NSW 

6. Families

Anyone with Kids knows how rare it is that you get to go out to a posh restaurant.My husband and I haven’t been out to dinner in the 6 months since our daughter was born, its so expensive with babysitters on top.

Babysitting adds to an already expensive night and then you have to often rush back to pay them. In home dining enables people to save on babysitting and relax in the knowledge that their little angels are safely tucked up in bed upstairs.

Deb, NSW 

7. The convenience of home

Most great restaurants are in busy city areas where you need to get a taxi to get there and parking is difficult or expensive. People have beautiful homes and it seems they want to enjoy them rather than driving into the city for dinner.

8. Cost of Wine

If you enjoy a ‘good drop’, the wine can cost as much if not more than the meal.I love my wine and have a great collection at home, drinking out at a restaurant costs 3 times as much and it always stings to have to fork out for inflated prices.

Private sommeliers are now also available if you miss that and lets face it BYO wine saves everyone a lot of money.

Michael, VIC

Why not book a personal chef for your next dinner party and create a personalised experience?

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