Vegan Food Trends For 2021
Mar 30, 2021

Whether you follow a strict vegan diet or simply choose to eat more plant-based foods, there are some vegan food trends for 2021 that are going to make anyone want to order from these delicious menus. On the table for 2021 you will see a movement toward more healthy substitutes for meats, people saying goodbye to nitrates in plant-based meat and dairy substitutes, and more whole foods in vegan cooking.

woman holding vegan sandwich with vegan apron

Vegan seafood is everywhere

Plant-based seafood is having its day in the vegan food world. With plant-based meat and fish substitutes looking to create products with a smaller ingredient list and use more whole foods in the process, companies like The Plant-Based Seafood Company and Good Catch Vegan Fish are crafting plant-based fish items, such as crab cakes, shrimp, tuna, scallops and more.

Plant-based eggs and bacon

Plant-based eggs have been around for a while, with companies like Just Egg finding their way onto many menus. Look for plant-based eggs in dished like breakfast sandwiches, omelet muffins, frittatas, and quiches. Perfectly paired with these vegan egg dishes is, of course, plant-based bacon, which is usually made of a combination of soy (sometimes eggplant) which is then flavored with things like maple syrup, soy sauce, garlic, and liquid smoke, to bring home that bacon vibe. You can find vegan bacon in most grocery stores in 2021 and look for it to pop up on a lot of menus this year as well.

Mushroom pasta in white bowl on natural wooden table- At Your Table

Mushrooms are having a big year

In 2021 the mushroom reigns supreme. From whole mushrooms on burgers to more creative pursuits, you’ll find mushrooms used in just about every way. Some of the most interesting recipes to look for are mushrooms in burrito and fajita bowls, sauced up in pasta, on flatbreads and pizzas, and as a sub for pulled meats on BBQ sandwiches.

New flavors for vegan Ice Cream

What’s a meal without dessert? Plant-based ice cream levels up this year with cleaner, more whole food ingredients, and fun presentations. Look for dairy-free, plant-based gelato, flavors like salted peanut butter chip and rippled berry compote to turn a flavor twist on traditional dairy ice cream pints. There is even a bedtime ice cream similar to the plant based-moon milk that is having a serious moment of popularity right now.

Peach Vegan ice cream in a white dish - At Your Table

More Whole food plant-based options

Less processed and made from mainly plants with cleaner ingredients and less of them will shine in 2021. In general, most food trends are leaning toward a cleaner, more sustainable way of eating. Prepping meals that include whole foods or prepped foods that have a small ingredients list top the charts in vegan cuisine as well.

Sustainable packaging and more visibility for vegan options

2021 will see a lot of vegan food packaged more sustainably, swapping out plastic for more biodegradable options. Plant-based foods have less of an impact on the environment and it makes sense that more eco-friendly packaging will follow suit to do the same.

Stores are also taking a cue from the popularity of vegan products and making them more shoppable and easier to find in stores with both more prominent and larger vegan and plant-based food sections, or by displaying vegan food options near their meat-based counterparts, making them an option for more people than those that would traditionally seek out vegan options.

Vegan burger on seeded bread - At Your table

More about Vegan food trends for 2021

Hungry Yet? As more and more people turn to a plant-based diet, vegan food trends will continue to emerge. From the main course to dessert, there is a vegan dish for every taste.

For more ways to incorporate plant-based vegan food trends into your diet, check out these vegan dinner recipes and browse our private chef’s menus for some amazing vegan options for your next dinner party or special event.

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