How to Hire a Private Chef
Mar 19, 2020

Not for a moment do we think that you could not organise a private chef yourself. However, we do have some tips and pointers that will help ensure you not only hire a great personal chef, but that you get a menu and style of evening perfectly suited to yours and your guests needs. 

From ensuring you choose a chef suited to your location to matching the style of service with the ambience you wish to create, we have created a few simple pointers below to help with the booking process.

Check the location of chefs to match yours

When you visit the At Your Table website a nice easy way to narrow things down is to check out the private chefs operating in or close to your chosen location.

Think of the type of cuisine you would like and what would suit you and your group

Our handpicked team of chefs are sourced from all over the globe so you have a large selection of cuisine to choose from. Consider what your personal preferences are and/or what your guests’ preferences may be. 

You want to keep things safe and opt for some classic Italian or you may want to create a dynamic experience by choosing a 7 course Asian fusion menu.

Read our customer reviews

In the exact same way you would check out some online reviews before dining in a top restaurant we advise doing the same for our private chefs. We pride ourselves on not only outstanding food but also professional and friendly service.

Our reviews are broken down specific to our chefs so you can ensure you know what to expect!

Check out some pictures and sample menus online

When you search or come across any of our chefs you will get a glimpse at the wonderful presentation of their menus and of course get a chance to see what they serve.

Once you have an idea what it is you are after you can contact us to discuss any private needs.

Check if the chef offers custom menus

Some of our chefs can provide customised menus so be sure to check this out if you have something particular in mind. You can always contact our team if you have specific requirements or a certain theme that you are after.

Read chef Biography

When you are hiring a private chef a great place to start is by reading the biography on our site. It will give you an insight into where they trained, where they have worked and what really excites them about cooking.

You never know, you may have eaten at one of the restaurants they have worked in and loved it. They may even serve a dish similar to one you have loved and longed for again!

Think about the style of dinner you want. Informal paddock to plate sharing menu or fine dining degustation menu or something in between

Before choosing your private chef, we advise considering different styles of menus and experiences. You may want a fine dining experience with dim lights, smooth music and matched wines. You may want an ethically sourced paddock to plate menu or you may want to peruse around the pool with some champagne and canapes.

With a wide variety of chefs, if you have something specific when it comes to the style of service this can be a great way to choose the perfect chef for your evening.

Call us and we will try and match you with the more suitable chef to get glowing reviews

If you have any last minute queries or want to know more about the chefs or menu you are after, then do not hesitate to give us a call.

Our chefs are handpicked and we have eaten pretty much everything they serve so we can ensure we match you with the perfect chef and menu for an event to remember.

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