5 of the best Melbourne Restaurants to try this year
Jul 16, 2020

Melbourne Restaurants… Sheesh… Where to start and with only a single page to jam them in…

The Melbourne restaurant scene as we all well know is something of awe, a bit of a boundary pusher in Australia always attracting a good chunk of the country’s most progressive and classically trained chefs.

We could have quite easily picked twenty or even thirty top haunts for this list but we wanted to narrow things down. We wanted to share 5 Melbourne Restaurants we think you should visit soon

Less is more and we are not out to overwhelm. Pick any one of these amazing venues and we are sure you will thank us later. Simple, classic, notorious, institutional.

5 of the best Melbourne Restaurants to try this year

  • Iki Jime
  • Tipo 00
  • Chin Chin
  • Vue de Monde
  • Movida

Iki Jime

The younger sibling to one of the finest Melbourne Restaurants, ‘Vue de Monde’ also mentioned below. Iki Jime is the home to the freshest seafood cooked with precision and a simple approach.

“Iki-Jime”, is Japanese for the humane farming of fish. A nice addition given the current affinity with fishing in relation to our climate.

The Seaweed Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Cauliflower is to die for and if you’re feeling like letting the chef’s really do the talking the you “Seas the Day” with the signature chefs’ menu.

Tipo 00

We personally feel a bit like carbs have had it hard the last few years with an influx of gluten intolerants dodging one of the greatest things known to man ‘Fresh pasta’. Well, If you’re going eat a bowl of carb-filled goodness, you might as well do it right.

Doing it right means heading to Tipo 00 the pasta master when it comes to Melbourne Restaurants. Tipo 00 referring to what can only be regarded as the best Pasta Flour available.

Our pick would be the Pork Casarecce, as we simply can’t get enough of this fine cut of pasta. Like an S shape and similar in length to say, Penne… Casarecce just seems to hold an amazing al dente, yet remains so palatable. It really is our fave.

Also, be sure to fill up on plenty of Hazelnut, Ricotta and Vanilla Gelato

Chin Chin

Chin Chin, or as a friend calls it ‘The Double Chin’ doesn’t need much of an introduction. Quite simply one of the best Asian eateries in the Melbourne Restaurants scene.

Go for the crispy barramundi and green apple salad, or the Pad seuw of braised Wagyu.

In the Words of the Double Chin themselves,


Vue de Monde

If you want to talk iconic Melbourne restaurants, you really cannot forget Vue de Monde.

Shannon Bennett’s signature venue, is as good as it gets when it comes to the city’s best classical fine dining.

On hand are some of the country’s finest sommeliers matching wines to the impeccable food Shannon and his team create.

It’s far from cheap but if you are out for a special occasion then stick Vue de Monde on your Melbourne Restaurants bucket list.


Melbourne’s best Spanish venue nicely tucked away down a vibey alleyway surround by graffiti… I remember the first time I walked into Movida… I had always wanted to dine there but on this particular visit to the city I already had lunch. I stumbled across Movida by sheer coincidence and so what did I do? I had a second lunch 😉

We’re talking Manchego croquet’s, the most ridiculous anchovies with smoked tomato sorbet, and the most perfectly pink parfait with brioche and quince…

We cannot talk highly enough of Movida, in fact we think its time to visit again soon!

If you could only pick 5 Melbourne Restaurants, what would they be?

Let us know in the comments below,

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