Perfect Summer cocktails to try at home!
Jul 16, 2020

Let’s face it, you could argue that any cocktail is perfect for the summer months, truth be told you wouldn’t be far wrong. However, some combos do pair better with the grilled goods, lighter feasting and general feel good summer food.

These are the true perfect summer cocktails!

Summer cocktails are all about a sweet, tart and chilled balance. You want something refreshing and sinkable but not too heavy, sticky or in your face.

As we sit here in the office staring out at the lush weather through the window we decided to put together a short list of what we deem the perfect summer cocktails. The ones that we would like to see at a friend’s garden party, the ones we would serve at a catered celebratory soiree.


Where would be without Pimms? Tucked away in a corner, parched, dreaming of such a thing no doubt.

Pimm’s is a true leader of the pack when it comes to Summer cocktails, fresh, sweet, social, full of fruit and particularly elegant …

Simply mix your Pimms No1 with some chilled lemonade, plenty of ice, sliced orange, strawberries, mint and cucumber …. Set it in the centre of your spread sit back and take a sip or three, while everyone helps themselves.

A non alcoholic version for the grommets is always a good idea as well, a true hot weather staple not to be forgotten this summer.

Spiked Blueberry Lemonade

Spiked Lemonade of any sort is pretty much a winner when the sun is beaming. Super simple to make, easy to prepare in advance and generally a crowd pleaser.

Simply Juice, (and zest if you wish) a heap of lemons! Mix this with some raw cane sugar syrup, filtered water and some citrus Vodka (plain Vodka will also suffice).

Make it strong, plenty of booze, plenty of syrup then pour over a truck load of ice. The ice will freshen the mix, garnish with plenty of fresh blueberries, Spiked Blueberry lemonade, the perfect candidate for our favourite Summer cocktails.

This is a fantastic option for a Summertime lemonade wedding bar!

Pomegranate, cranberry & lime vodka highball

Another thing we look for when talking Summer cocktails is a little longevity. When the nights are cold we love to sip on a scotch or a bourbon, however, come summertime we are thirsty, and love a nice highball; plenty of refreshment lasting that little bit longer!

To prepare the fresh pomegranate, with a relatively gentle approach, pound the whole fruit with a rolling pin or back of a large knife.

This releases the Pomegranate jewels so when you open the fruit they fall out with ease. Slice in half and again just tap the fruit releasing the seeds into a large bowl, removing any piff along the way.

Once the fruit is prepared simply mix with cranberry juice, lime vodka if you have it, a little sugar if you have a sweet tooth and plenty of lime juice!

Tart, crisp and refreshing beyond belief …

White Sangria

This would possibly be our favourite, a little more sophisticated and suited more to the evening as opposed to an arvo barbecue. White Sangria made well is simply to die for!

We like to use a good quality Sauvignon Blanc, NZ Marlborough sav’s are particularly good for a White Sangria.

Mix this with a chilled sweet sparkling apple cider, garnish with plenty of fresh fruit, orange, cranberry, peaches and raspberries all work well.

Serve with a few large ice cubes to avoid too much dilution and Bob’s your uncle! Potentially your drunk, full of delicious White Sangria uncle.

Traditional Puerto Rican Pina colada

A little different to the usual approach when in search for perfect summer cocktails. Usually we think clean, crisp, juice based tipples however, a balanced Pina Colada is on par when it comes to tantalising refreshment!

Created in Puerto Rico in 1952 this moreish summer cocktail, we imagine was created purely to cool down on a stonking hot day in the Americas.

Easy to make, easier to drink!

Simply mix chilled pineapple juice, white rum, coconut cream and plenty of crushed ice. Garnish with fresh pineapple and shaved fresh coconut!

We could harp on all day about delicious, delectable summer cocktails, but truth be told, its been a long day and all this refreshment talk has us parched!

It’s time for a perfect summer cocktail of our own!

We would love to hear your own ideas for some perfect summer cocktails in the comments box below,

Let us in on your secrets and we may share more of ours!

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