2015 Wedding Trend: Mini Foods
Jun 16, 2019

Food prepared in bite-sized, tiny presentations somehow just seems more exciting.  Mini food is rapidly growing as a wedding and party trend in 2015. This mini food trend comes in all styles: from mini casseroles to mini pies, desserts and ceviche in shot glasses, there is something for absolutely every taste and occasion.

Comfort Food Classics

Mini Mac and Cheese- If there is a food that is universally loved, it must be mac and cheese. Served up in a mini version, this classic comfort food is a sure crowd pleaser-for adults and kids alike.

Mini Pot Pies- Staying in the world of classic comfort foods, miniature pot- pies are becoming extremely popular at catered events. Filled with chicken, beef, or turkey, rich gravy, and roasted veggies, mini pot -pies are perfect for a rustically elegant or casual event.

More Mini Comfort Food- The list of mini comfort foods that are being offered keeps growing. Among the most popular are mini meatball and spaghetti nests, mini spicy meatballs, mini grilled cheese served alongside tomato soup shooters, mini burgers, and even mini hot dogs served with small cones of fries.

On The Lighter Side

Mini Pitas- Looking for something lighter? Mini pitas filled with fresh, marinated, in-season vegetables are perfect for a Spring or Summer event.

Mini Salads and Veggies Dips- Also perfect for the warmer months, or simply as a starter course, mini salads, stuffed or topped cucumber bites, and veggie dip shooters make beautiful and delicious offerings.

Everyone’s Favorite…Dessert

Mini Pies- Whether you prefer cherry or apple, pumpkin or rhubarb, miniature pies are a super sweet way to serve up dessert to guests. Other popular options include chocolate cream and strawberry. Served in a tiered presentation, a mix of these mini pies are sure to have people talking.

Shot Glass Desserts- From root beer floats to mini milkshakes served in sprinkle-rimmed shot glasses, shot glass desserts are huge right now. Looking for more crowd pleasers? Cheesecake shooters served with a variety of toppings and cookie and milk shooters are loved by all.

Don’t forget the Drinks- 

You can’t throw a party without a few great beverages. Coming in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic forms, mini cocktails make for a great presentation at any event. Almost any drink can be made and served in miniature form, so get creative and brainstorm with your bartender to come up wit the perfect offering for your event.  Some popular choices are mini bloody Mary’s, lemonade served in lemon rind cups, and mini martinis-the options are endless.

Take the miniature food trend to the next level by pairing mini foods with a mini cocktail shooter. Some classic combos include mini tacos served with tequila or margarita shooters, mini burgers served with craft beer shooters, and mini pizzas offered up with a wine sampler.

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