5 Amazing idea’s for the perfect Brunch party!
Jun 14, 2019

Whether you are celebrating a close one’s birthday, an engagement party or you just need an excuse for a get together, a brunch party is the perfect way to get things done!

Easy to prepare, relaxed and you get to spend the day in the sun – ‘Brunch’ it’s the idyllic focal point for a perfect shindig!

Brunch Party ideas …

  • Granola Jars
  • Bruschetta Bar
  • Baked Eggs
  • Petit Fours
  • Chilled Drinks Bar
  • Hire a Pro

With a well thought-out brunch spread you can cater for all walks of life, peeps just dropping in, folks hanging by the pool all day supping bubbles, kids with uber short attention spans and the rest …

We have 5 of our favourite brunch ‘crowd pleasers’ to help you plan a relaxed, delicious and impressive all day Brunch party!

1. Granola Jars

Super simple, easy to prep in advance, pretty, fresh, healthy, the list goes on …

Granola Jars are perfect for a brunch, easy to serve, perfect for mingling and light on the dishes.

With so many options to choose from, the hardest part of serving these little fellas is going to be choosing what to stick in them!

Bircher muesli is a great option, easy to get ready a few hours or even the night before. Fresh oats or toasted granola work well as does a Chia, coconut, and raw seed mix.

It shouldn’t matter too much what you choose, as long as you have plenty of fresh fruit, some creamy Greek Yogurt and your favourite textural creation you should be onto a winner!

2. Bruschetta Bar

Okay, so brunch style bruschetta – you are probably imagining slaving away in the kitchen with a queue for poached eggs, well it doesn’t have to be this way!

We are talking D.I.Y Bruschetta platter, Crusty sourdough char-grilled with some olive oil and ready to go fillings, toppings, garnishes … you name it.

Picture brunch style, delicious plated combos to die for;

Smoked Salmon, lemon pepper crème fraiche and cucumber pickles

Prosciutto, grilled Asparagus, cherry tomato and shaved manchego

Whipped Goats cheese, mixed mushrooms, preserved lemon and herbs

Tomato, avocado, lime, feta and coriander Salsa

With everything prepped and plated beforehand, you can cater for all your brunch cravings; with an impressive vibrant layout a Bruschetta bar will have your guests raving about the food.

3. Baked Eggs

So let’s say we were going to treat the Bruschetta bar and Granola jars as a roving canapé style course, you would then want an easy to prepare enthralling hot option that doesn’t have you stuck on the stove. A dish that gives you time to get amongst the action and sample the brunch bruschetta you spent all morning prepping!

In which case nothing could be better than Baked eggs! Also known as ‘Shashuka’ in the middle east or ‘Ouef en cocotte’ in France.

The loosely used term ‘baked eggs’ gives you plenty of options to create your own signature brunch number!

One of our favourite Baked eggs recipes is a rich Italian style Tomato sauce with cannellini beans, Pimenton, chorizo, parsley and fresh lemon.

The sauce and bean mixture can easily be prepared the night before or earlier that morning. Thus leaving the execution as simple as possible, requiring only a few carefully cracked eggs into your chosen vessel and some baking time!

Serve with plenty of crusty bread, fresh lemon wedges and if you have vegos over stick the grilled chorizo on the side.

4. ‘Petit four’ style sweet tooth treats!

Brunch wouldn’t be brunch if you didn’t have some coffee and sweet things on offer!

Continuing with the theme that preparation is everything – again we would try to serve something simple,  leaving you plenty of time to hang out with your guests and play the role of host!

Like the Brushetta bar, having everything laid out on platters is not just an elegant way of serving your petit four treats, it leaves guests the freedom to grab whatever, whenever!

Options are endless but a few of our crowd pleasers include,

Miniature French toasts w’ Maple mascarpone and toasted pecan

Banana, Macadamia loaf with Manuka honey yogurt

Baby Scones with fresh raspberry preserve, clotted cream and candied lemon

Classic Lemon Meringue tartlets …

5. Ready to go Chilled drinks bar!

We recently catered a Brunch Wedding with a similar themed bar and the feedback was through the roof – it’s a great way to offer plenty of options and done properly it can look amazing.

There is no shortage of stylish options for a grab and go brunch drinks bar. Try a large wicker basket lined with plastic and filled to the brim with ice, various homemade bottled beverages, straws and garnishes galore and you have an absolute show stopper!

Baby glass bottles of homemade Ice coffee, Kombucha, Bloody Marys or your favourite juices, Coconut water, Almond milk shakes, green smoothies!

No excuses here for a lack of inspiring, elegant and delectable ‘whistle wetters

6. Hire a Pro!

Okay, so we said 5 amazing ideas for a perfect Brunch party but …..

‘At Your Table’ can take care of you next brunch event, whether it’s a large and extravagant Brunch Wedding, or a small intimate social event. We offer a bespoke dining service which is sure to leave you and your guests to enjoy nothing but the best service, impeccable cuisine and all the time in the world to enjoy having the hard work done for you!

Do you have any brunch ideas or recipes you would like to share with us?

We would love to hear your comments!

Chris Wright


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