Viva la Mexico – Street food influences!
Jun 15, 2019

How does the idea of spicy pulled pork tacos, freshly baked empanadas and icy cold fresh lime Margaritas sound?

The “Mexican Wave” is a taking over, from food trucks to festival stalls and bustling city restaurants to creative wedding snack bars. They have all taken influence from Mexico’s delicious, simple and innovative cuisine.

Food trends come and go like there’s no tomorrow, it can be hard to keep up. We are going to offer regular updates on the latest in food fashion and keep you in the loop with the latest culinary crazes.

Whether you are planning an evening meal with the family, organizing a pot luck dinner or toying with ideas for a wedding, Mexico would surely be high on the consideration list for inspiration.

Typical Mexican fare is not only vibrant and piquant, it offers guests a great way to interact. Mini Tacos, tamales and tortilla’s are all in the limelight at the moment and make great sharing dishes. Serving a share style dinner is a trend in itself – it provides a great atmosphere and leaves guests plenty to talk about.

Try making a few different taco fillings for guests to serve themselves; Crab with lime and coriander, chorizo and chipotle, ceviche style raw fish or braised beans with crumbly queso fresco (fresh farmers cheese). Serve plenty of tomato, shallot and fresh herb salsa, some mojo rojo and plenty of fresh avocado for the perfect D.I.Y share dish.

(Mojo Rojo, a blended dry chilli and olive oil paste)

Serve some fresh capsicum and jalapeño relish, guacamole and a sharp, tangy homemade picante sauce with some warm corn tortillas. Try some grilled corn cobs with a smoked paprika rub or if you can find some, a cactus salad offers an enthralling alternative to the norm.

“Mole” is a traditional accompaniment from Mexico, associated with the state of Oaxaca. “Mole” sauces often contain native chilli peppers, garlic, onions, dried fruits, anise, tomato and sometimes chocolate. They are fantastic served over grilled meat or fresh fish. Mole Verde is delicious green jalapeño and fresh herb version that can complement quesadilla’s, tortes’ and tamales.

Baby Michaeladas, are really alluring and would make an eccentric canapé shooter. Often made using Corona, spiced with tomato, pepper, lime and a chilli salt rim.

Margarita’s come in all shapes and sizes, frozen mango, chilli and lemongrass or try using some Mezcal as a base for a smoky after tone.

(Mezcal, Mexico ‘s traditional spirit flavoured with agave which has been slowly roasted in an underground pit)

Whatever delicious Mexican fare you decide to rustle up, you can be sure it will delight your guests. Bright and exciting flavours with plenty of fresh trimmings and you have yourself a great summery themed dinner party!

Our ‘At Your Table’ Chefs love a good vibrant and exciting food trend as a source of inspiration,

What are your favourite dishes from Mexico or do you have any unique cocktail recipes you would like to share.

We would love to hear your comments below.

Viva la Mexico!

Chris Wright


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