Frederick Marechal

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Chef Frederick has trained in French Classic venues such as Belgium’s Romeyer and the 3-Michelin star La Pergola.

Rising quickly, he became Head Chef at the 3-Michelin star Le Bel Ombra in 1996 before taking the reins at the 5-Michelin star La Place as the Head Chef a couple of years later.

In 2000, Frederick had the honour of being the Personal Chef to the French Consul-General in Monte Carlo where he served with distinction.

Looking for a new opportunity, he moved to Australia in 2002, working in New South Wales as Head Chef at La Guillotine in Sydney and Berowra Water’s Inn. Frederick struck out on his own in Batemans Bay, operating the highly successful Chef’s Cap Café for five years before moving north to Brisbane. Frederick’s flair and style have also boosted the reputation of the Walnut Restaurant to exceptional heights.

After less than one year at Royal on the Park Hotel Brisbane, Frederick led his team to a Silver Medal in 2012 and a Gold Medal in 2014 at the Fonterra Restaurant of Champions organised by Fine Foods Australia.

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