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I was born in Chile arriving in Adelaide at the tender age of 6. Growing up in a Chilean household I was exposed to fresh food and a South American touch.

I have been cooking in Adelaide for 15 years now making my way around some very reputable restaurants. My most recent been Bird In Hand Winery, 2kw, Magill Estate and Head Chef of Georges on Waymouth.

My style of food has had many influences along the way having worked with some amazing Italian chefs, Middle Eastern and South Americans.

My food is strongly reliant on seasonal produce and products of the highest of quality. I work closely with my suppliers having built strong relationships so you can guarantee you will get the best catch/pick and arrival available.

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Testimonials for Carlos Astudillo

Loved Carlos and Ynette. Lovely people – lovely food.
Of the 3 courses the common preferred dish was the ceviche.
Carlos was also very attentive to our guest who had trouble digesting because of throat cancer.
We asked them to sit at lunch with us and we all played cards together afterwards.
Everyone has told me how much they enjoyed thenselves.

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Warwick O'Brien (SA)
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