How Much Does a Private Chef Cost to Hire?
Mar 9, 2020

Hiring a private chef for a dinner party or even an extended stay doesnt cost as much as you’d think. At Your Table brings incredible value to the luxurious thought of your very own private chef. Something we are often told by our guests is how hiring a private chef offers exceptionally good value compared to going out for dinner at a top restaurant.

We wanted to share with you some facts and information along with a few tips on how to save some money when hiring a personal chef.

So, How Much Do You Have to Spend When Hiring a Private Chef?

What is the cheapest option for hiring a private Chef?

We have menus starting at $89 per person

How much would we typically expect to pay for a booking of 8 people?

We have 3 course options from $120 per person and 5 course options from $188 per person

Is it cheaper the more people we book for? 

The short answer is yes. 10 people on a typical 3 course menu can start from $110 per person and 10 people on a 5 course menu can start from $149 per person

Can you cater for just 2 people? 

Yes, we do cater for 2 people, however it will be a bit more expensive as you would only be sharing the costs of the chef day rate between two as opposed to 8, 10 or even 50 people so why not invite some friends and have a dinner party

Can you provide canapes?

We certainly can. We can combine menus with canapes or we can do exclusive canape parties

For an exclusive canape party, we do require a minimum of 25 guests. Alternatively, you can book canapes for less people but we do require payment based on 25 people.

Our base canape packages start at $39 per person and larger canape packages start at $55 per person.

Are there any ways to make booking a private chef cheaper?

Remember that if everyone who is coming to dinner is splitting the cost of the chef then more diners will bring the price down. That’s a simple way to look at it, but there are other factors that can help with cost saving.

When you are hiring a private chef, one of the single best ways to save money is with the drinks and alcohol. Choosing and purchasing wines from a bottle shop is significantly cheaper than purchasing wine at a restaurant. We have plenty of online articles to help with tips for pairing food and wine and our chefs and booking staff can also help with recommendations.

Also, don’t forget that our staff will still serve the beverages so you may have saved money, but nothing will be spared in the service and you will still feel like you are dining in a restaurant.

You can also save significant amounts of money without the need for babysitters, taxis or even accommodation for friends.

One more thing to remember is that the majority of the cost is hiring the chef for the day. Although not technically a money saving, upgrading to a special, more exclusive menu (for example a 7 course tasting menu) can make lot of sense cost wise as you have already hired the chef.

Are there any other benefits cost wise that we may have missed?

Remember, when you dine in a restaurant you can often be ushered out once you have finished your meal. When you hire a private chef, you are able to continue your dining experience in private for as long as you want.

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