What Does Your Favorite Wine Say about you?
Jun 18, 2019

A recent study commissioned by French Wines with Style recently revealed that a person’s wine preference may say a lot about their personality. The study found that drinkers of different types of wine drinkers actually had quite different social habits.

So what does your favourite wine say about you?

According to the Telegraph, French Wines with Style spokesman Gerard Basset said that “red wine drinkers appear to be the more relaxed of wine fans. White wine drinkers love the status quo. Whilst rosé fans are itching for change.”

Red wine drinkers also appeared to drink more often than white or rose drinkers. Those who prefer white wine also report having more satisfaction in their current job positions, and little interest in climbing the corporate ladder. 81% of red wine drinkers report being happy at work but are more interested in climbing higher up the career ladder than their white wine drinking counter parts.

The study also revealed that, “Red wine drinkers described themselves as confident, relaxed, strong and intelligent, whereas white wine drinkers chose terms like practical, bright, shy, quiet and reserved to describe themselves. Rose drinkers called themselves loud, warm and charming.”

Additional differences were noted in income and even social network usage. Red wine drinkers reported earning an estimate income between 64,500 and 72,500 per year, white wine drinkers reported bringing home between 40,000 and 48,000, and rose drinkers reported 40,000.

In the realm of social networking, rose drinkers reported visiting Facebook 13 times per week, as opposed to red wine drinkers who reportedly visited 8 times per week.

This study appears to be UK oriented and includes responses from 2,000 participants. While 2,000 people is a nice number for a study of this type, its unclear whether it is a high enough participant number to account for all of the regional differences within the UK. Still, it is very interesting to see the answers to the questions posed in this study, regardless of whether the results have a widespread reach.

Overall this study that looked at things like earnings, career prospects, and personal attributes, reveals that people with a certain personality types gravitate towards certain wines. These studies are of particular interest to those who market and sell wine, as they help to determine target audiences during packaging and marketing development periods.

And of course, the topic is quite interesting to those who are wine drinkers. Definitely a sip and swirl for thought at happy hour or your next dinner party.

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