The Australian ‘Craft Beer’ Scene, It’s thirsty work!
Jun 14, 2019

There is something captivating about the craft beer scene in Australia. Come to mention it our alcohol industry as a whole is enthralling to say the least.

Maybe it’s our pleasant climate that urges a cold and crispy afternoon beverage or maybe it’s our love for all things food and drink.

Either way you look at it we know our way around a fine bottle of grog!

We have formed what we believe to be a list of ten splendid drops from the ever-evolving Australian craft beer scene.

Matching craft beer with food is a great way to host an interesting dinner party, BBQ or relaxed gathering. Failing that, slapping a few of these in the fridge will give you something to salivate over on the commute home from work!

Craft beer stands are also very much a current trend in the wedding world. Instead of the regular bottled beverages you often see, why not host some of Australia’s finest craft beer!

Here are 10 top tipples we think you should take a look at,

Prickly Moses, Spotted ale (Golden Ale 4.5% Vic)

The guys  at Prickly Moses brought us this brilliant craft beer, boasting great ethics by brewing this quality drop with pure Otway rainwater, in order to support the endangered tiger quolls.

A thirst quenching golden ale with hints of tropical fruit, honey and citrus, finishing with a fresh crisp palate. As far as food pairings this would match well with spicy foods, grilled seafood or some tangy cheese.

(Tiger Quoll – a carnivorous marsupial native to Australia)

Four pines Pale Ale (Pale Ale 5.1% NSW)

The folks down at 4 Pines know a great craft beer and rustle up a top notch drop not too far from Manly.

Four Pines pale is one of the more popular craft beers and for good reason. A rich red ale with distinct aromas of pine and tart citrus, full bodied malts and a pleasant lingering bitterness.

Four Pines pale would match with any sort of rich meat casserole or pair well with a pecan or maple dessert.

Feral brewing company, Fanta pants (Imperial Red IPA 7.4% W.A.)

Feral’s most heavily hopped year round beer – Fanta pants is un-civil, raucous, shockingly bitter and that’s why we love it! A sweet start, pineapple and stone fruit aromas, full bodied and cloudy with a biscuit malt finish.

Matches well with hearty foods, slow cooked BBQ goods or solo in the sun!

Mountain goat steam ale (Steam Ale 4.5% Vic)

Bright and refreshing, you can expect tantalizing notes from its Citra hop content, organic wheat malt and a fresh thirst quenching finish.

This certified organic crisp ale is perfect for a summers day. It has fresh bread and peach aromas which would sit nicely alongside a crumbly salty cheese, poultry, or shellfish.

Feral brewing company, Hop Hog (American IPA 5.8% W.A.)

Ok, so Feral get two slots in our top ten but that’s what you get for consistently knocking out such a fine drop.

Hop Hog is an American style India Pale Ale. Plenty of American hops give a strong pine needle and citrus nose, with flag waving bitterness and a dry finish the Hop Hog is a touch more well behaved than its unruly sibling – The Fanta Pants.

The Hop Hog would stand tall next to a rich Indian curry or pair well with a sweet spiced dessert such an Apple tarte tatin.

Bridge road brewers, Beechworth ale (Pale Ale 4.8% Vic)

Bridge road brewers are based in the historic town of Beechworth, known for their leading range of quality craft beer. Bridge Roads benchmark American style Pale ale has an evident blend of N.Z and U.S hops.

Tropical aromas with melon and passion fruit, a strong copper colour and finishing with a smooth lingering bitterness this would go perfectly with some roast pumpkin, strong English cheddar or a wide range of grilled meats.

Stone and wood pacific ale (Pale Ale 4.4% NSW)

Using all Australian barley and galaxy hops this northern rivers modern classic is one of our favorites. It’s a cloudy golden ale and with it being fruitier than Elton John this refreshing marvel is to be enjoyed in its raw state. No filtration, no pasteurizing – pacific ale is as untouched as the surrounds from which it was created.

Great with grilled meats, most BBQ foods and perfect alongside a burger!

Two birds brewing, Sunset ale (Pale Ale 4.6% Vic)

Australia’s first female owned brewing company, Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen grew up in Perth and now brew and operate a tasting room in Melbourne.

Two Birds Sunset Ale is a handcrafted full-flavored ale that pours deep auburn in colour and displays biscuit, tropical and grapefruit characters.

This brew is great with poultry, roast ham or simply on its own on a hot afternoon!

Little Creatures, Pale Ale (Pale Ale 5.2% W.A.)

Intense citrus and stone fruit characteristics, it has a bronzed appearance, hazy complexion and plenty of carbonation. Citrus and grapefruit up front with a dry mouth feel and a luxurious bitterness that leaves you craving more.

Perfect with a BBQ, tangy cheese or a sticky pulled pork number!

La sirene, Saison (Saison 6.5% VIC)

With inspiration taken straight form the Wallonia region of southern Belgium, where farmhouse beers were a necessity for the thirst quenched field workers.

This re-fermented Saison has a deep golden orange pour, wild fruit on the nose with spiced notes leaving the palate begging for more.

Rustic beers call for rustic flavours, think simple roast chicken or even steamed mussels in a rich tomato sauce.

With Sydney’s ‘Craft beer week’ just around the corner, we hope to have offered you a little insight regarding the current leaders of the pack.

Do you have a favourite craft beer of the moment?

Let us know in the comment box below,

Chris Wright


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