What We’ll be Drinking: Top Sommelier Predictions for 2014 Drink Trends
Jun 18, 2019

Here are a few ideas from Australia’s top sommeliers that cue us in to what we’ll be drinking this year. If you are having a dinner catered, think of consulting your personal chef for some ideas to incorporate these trends.


Alternative varieties will continue to grow and be in large demand

Easy Drinking Wines

Less handles wines with an easy drinking quality will increase in popularity and availability

Wines with a Story

People are continuing to enjoy drinking wines that have an interesting back story. Where they come from, the process from vine to bottle, and flavor profile tales, are all of interest. Wines with an interesting backstory will continue to be popular. If you are working with a personal chef for an event, ask them about incorporating a few wines that have a good “story”-your guests will love it.

Intentional Oxidization

Some wine makers are introducing intentional oxidation into their wines. This process produces a raw end product. Sometimes cloudy or hazy, these wines are deliberately oxidized to achieve a specific end in flavor.

New varietals are also predicted to become popular in 2014

Gruner Veltliner

Many new local varietials will continue to become popular. Australia will witness more grapes, such as Gruner Vetliner and Savignin grow in popularity along side the classics.

Wines from other Regions

While Australia will continue to hold to theirsauv blanc, pinot gris and pinot or shiraz, other varietals, that may prove to grow just as well in Australia’s conditions, will most likely become more popular. Look for wines popular in Southern Italy and Spain, such as nero d’avola, sangiovese.

Malbec and Barbera

more varietals like malbec, arneis, tempranillo, barbera and gamay will continue to be produced and gain popularity in 2014. When grown in Australia these varietals can have great, full flavor without becoming overly heavy. These types of wine make perfect wines for food pairings and work well with a wide variety of menus.

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