10 Winning Mother’s Day Gift Ideas she will love
Jun 18, 2019

With Mother’s Day approaching (its Sunday May 11th 2014 in Australia by the way), there’s no time like the present to start looking for that perfect gift for the person who gave you life.

Maybe “mum” is actually your sister, your grandmother, your step mum or your wife. Regardless of the relationship, we can guarantee that she’s looking forward to spending some time with you.

So what to get one of the most important women in your life?

What mum really wants is to see that you put thought and effort into a special day for her. She doesn’t just want something you bought from the store. She wants time with her family, and a day that she can remember forever.

Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to show your mum how much you truly appreciate her.
Choose something personal that speaks to the heart and you can’t go wrong.

Mothers Day Australia 2014 – Sunday May 11th.

Start the day off right with…

1. Breakfast in Bed

Keep it simple, because you’ll probably have a fantastic lunch or dinner later on in the day. Eggs, toast, and a steaming hot cup of tea will do the trick. Make sure you wake up earlier enough to surprise her – don’t make your mum wait in bed for an hour for her meal!

2. A Day in the Great Outdoors

Get everyone in your family together for a fantastic hike. There’s nothing like beautiful views and fresh mountain air to jump start a fun day.

3. A Fancy Meal In the Comfort of Your Own Home

Here’s a truly unique gift: A personal chef, who will prepare a delectable meal right in your own kitchen. Invite the extended family, or keep it intimate. Set the table so it’s fit for a queen, and enjoy your dinner, stress free, from an award winning personal chef.

At Your Table has a selection of some of the finest chefs all over Australia and the UK who would love to make your Mother’s Day one to remember.

4. Tickets to a Show

This is a great way to buy something for your mum that you can experience together. Be sneaky about it – surprise her with tickets to the philharmonic, her favorite musical artist, or a play that’s getting rave reviews. Dress up, grab drinks before, and make a night of it.

5. The Finest Wines, Brought to Your Doorstep

Is your mother a wine connoisseur? Does she want to be? A Wine Club is the gift that keeps on giving. Every quarter, to be exact.

Wine Club members receive boxed shipments of an amazing array of imported and Australian wines, handpicked by expert sommeliers.

6. The Strongest Mum in Town

If she’s exercise buff, get her a month of classes at the best gym in her area. Maybe she loves Bikram yoga, or always wanted to try cross fit, pilates, or kickboxing. Give her an excuse to get started by treating her to a few sessions!

7. A Day at the Spa

Chances are, your mom has a pretty full schedule, so gift her with a day off, and send her to a spa for hours of complete relaxation. You can’t go wrong with getting her a massage; but facials, or salt scrubs, or hot stone therapy are fantastic choices as well. If you can swing it, book something for yourself, too, so you both can go together.

8. Keep it Simple, Get Her A Book

If you don’t know what she likes to read, peruse her bookshelf, then pick out something similar, or a new release from an author she loves. If she likes a certain actor or public figure, see if they have a memoir. If you’re stumped at the bookstore, pick out a season or a box set of one of her favorite TV shows on DVD.

9. The Gift of Knowledge, A Cooking Class

Especially for the foodie gal in your life, consider booking a series of cooking classes. Those who love to cook are always seeking new knowledge on the latest food trends, wanting to master new skills, and looking to explore the preparation of new cuisines. It’s also a fun, and social environment that makes for an entertaining experience.

10. Lovely Home Decor

Pick out something that would look lovely in her home. This can be anything from a few scented candles, to a beautiful orchid, to a super soft decorative throw for the couch. She’ll love whatever you choose because every time she looks at it, it will remind her of you!

Mother’s Day is meant to be a day for appreciating those you love, and having a fantastic time while doing it. So celebrate by doing something that you and your mum can enjoy together, and let that lady know just how much she means to you.

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