5 Great tips for an impromptu Dinner party!
Jun 14, 2019

So we have all been there at some point or another, the impromptu dinner party.

Somehow a last minute dinner party to get everyone together is on the cards. Due to logistics it looks like you’re in the firing line to be the host!

You haven’t planned a menu, you haven’t practised or researched any cocktails and you are starting to feel the pressure!

No worries, we are here to help and it’ll all come good in the end!

We have a few insider tips to help you beat the overwhelming anxiety, remain as cool as a cucumber, focus and get back on track to host a great dinner party.

1. Keep it Simple …

There is no need whatsoever to overcomplicate the food, keep things simple!

Don’t feel the need to prepare a six-course matched wine menu, take it back to basics and serve some simple, delicious, easy to concoct crowd pleasers.

Think feasting style, think platters, think serve yourself!

A feasting plate of Roasted duck breasts with shaved fennel, mandarin and pomegranate is an example of a low labour quick to cook dish for several people.

Some raw, thinly sliced Kingfish – dressed with avocado, jalapeño and lime is quick to prepare, looks great and tastes amazing.

2. Drop the Cocktail list …

Don’t try and do to much when it comes to drinks, stocking the bar with several different wines and trying to cater for all tastes will create a headache.

Instead, decide what you would like to serve then choose a wine that will pair well with the food. Take a few minutes to Google some food pairings or ask around in the bottle shop, a little knowledge goes a long way.

Explain to your guests why they are drinking a buttery chardonnay and they will thank you when their palate lights up in harmony.

3. Use an online playlist …

If you don’t already, try using an online music provider such as Soundcloud or Spotify. A dinner party with bad music is a bad dinner party, just search for an appropriate playlist. You will have a prodigious selection of ready to go leave-alone music solutions.

4. Opt for Cheese …

This is one of those situations where you receive an award for laziness! Instead of slaving over the stove knocking up a pudding for everyone, go down to the local deli and pick up some delectable cheese!

No one will complain at a large array of delicious cheese, some poppy seed lavoche, quince, honeycomb and some fresh figs!

If your sweet toothed guests need a little pick me up, offer some sherry or port to match.

5. Hire a personal chef!

Okay, Okay, so we operate a personal chef service and therefore we are completely biased. However hiring a personal chef is not only a great way to solve a somewhat impromptu dinner party. You can have all the standards of a fine dining restaurant brought to your home, you will be able to enjoy a relaxed intimate dinner with your friends and not need lift a finger!

Have you any tips or ideas you would like to share for an impromptu dinner party?

Maybe some stock ingredients you always have on hand just in case?

Chris Wright


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