5 of the best Restaurants to try in Byron Bay
Sep 24, 2019

Byron Bay, its hard to go a few days without reading about Australia’s most popular holiday town these days.

It was once hippies, and surfers that ruled the roost (don’t worry they are still there in the masses) but it’s the culinary scene that has us focussed on Byron Bay today.

Byron Bay attracts 10s of thousands of people every day and with that comes the potential for some seriously great restaurants. Celeb Wise it used to be Chris Hemsworth In the limelight but these days the likes of Neil Perry, Darren Robertson and Josh Lewis have all hopped on the Byron Bay restaurant train.

Every time we head to Byron Bay there seems to be about 32 new venues but today we are focussing on the classics. The ones that deliver the goods year on year and are as busy on a quiet winter’s night as well as a heaving summer day.

So here are 5 of the best restaurants to try in Byron Bay

  • Espressohead
  • Roadhouse
  • Main Street burger Bar
  • Top Shop
  • Di Vino

Espresso head

This little gem is a touch hidden away from the main hustle and bustle and so it’s often frequented by a bunch of locals.

However, it’s not just the laid-back vibe and lack of traffic noise that makes this place pop, it’s the delicious and I mean delicious breakfast.

These guys can really cook. We urge you to go several times and be sure to get the smashed peas, the lentil and fried egg number if it’s on and if you’re up for it the ginormous pancake! It’s the bomb.


The roadhouse is our go to for coffee when we are in town, or even any form of hot drinks as they have them 100% down pat. From Turmeric lattes, coffee from ‘All press’, or a plethora of various mushroom to matcha potions..

The food is all locally sourced, the pasties are the best pasties in Australia (you’ll have to be there early) and they have a new wood fired pizza joint next door in the evening.

Main Street burger Bar

No list of restaurants is complete without a burger joint, especially when you are in Byron Bay as let’s face it at some point you’re going to have a few drinks and need to mop up the energy levels somehow.

Main Street is no ordinary burger bar, this place is on the top of its game with chef made burgers and epic cocktails, handmade sodas and boozy milkshakes.

The burgers are made by real chefs, and you know weeks of trialling new recipes are taken out before a burger reaches the menu. Often they have new specials on testing for the new menu and love feedback from the customers.

Expect the likes of locally made haloumi, crispy pork belly, classic beef or southern fired chicken.

They also have cool Stone and Wood pool table out the back to shoot a few while you finish your beer.

Top Shop

Top Shop was one of my faves back in the day and it still knocks out epic food just like I remember… This place must have been going 10 years now.

Great coffee, great sambos for on the go and the real draw card…, The Chocolate and berry muffins. I’m calling best in Straya!

Di Vino

Di Vino is a touch newer than a few of the other mentions in the list of Byron Bay Restaurants but the crew behind this place are not so new. A few of the lads are born and bred Byron bay locals and the Italian side of the familigia has been in around the bay for a decade or so also.

This place is exactly what I look for when it comes to dinner. Simple food cooked with total care and precision.

Try the epic 15$ Carbonara night, be sure to check out chefs’ specials and then hit up the bartenders for some info about wine. These guys know exactly what they are talking about.

If you could only pick 5 Byron Bay Restaurants, what would they be?

Let us know in the comments below,

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