5 Reasons you should hire a personal chef to take care of the catering for your next event!
Jun 15, 2019

Throwing a cocktail and canapé soiree or hosting a foodie based birthday is a lot of hard work whichever way you look at it. It requires attention to detail and a lot of organisation and planning.

Some of you out there I am sure, will be natural hosts. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot hire a professional Chef to take care of the cooking and lift some of the weight.

Hiring a personal chef to take care of the catering for your next event gives you the opportunity to add a level of sophistication. You can deliver seamless cooking, with perfect presentation leaving you free to mingle with guests while they enjoy the mouth watering fare.

Here are 5 Reasons we think hiring a professional chef to take care of the catering is a great idea.

1. A Chef knows their way around a kitchen!

Lets face it there are a lot of great home cooks out there but, competing with a good professional chef, is a tough task. Hiring a professional to take care of – menu writing, planning, cooking and the execution of your next event is a sure fire way to guarantee a success.

A personal chef can work with you closely to ensure the menu matches your requirements – suiting the venue, clientele and mood of the occasion. They can tailor dish ideas and drink pairings with no event too large or too small.

2. Last minute adjustments are the norm for a personal chef

Taking care of dietary requirements, vegetarians, kids, and allergies when catering for large numbers is no walk in the park.

Professional chefs are used to having a multitude of requirements thrown at them when planning a menu – it’s part and parcel of their job. A vast knowledge of ingredients and cooking methods means our chefs are able to create invigorating dishes for even the most specific diet.

They wouldn’t want to broadcast it but they are also great at creating last minute delicious pairings on a whim – for guests with sensitive allergies’ and the like. Having a professional chef to take care of all these headaches is worth every penny.

3. Sourcing only the finest produce is what we do!

Shopping locally and sustainably holds good morals and lets face it guests at a party, wedding or high tea event love a good moral!

A good personal chef will take care of sourcing local produce, handpicking fresh seasonal seafood and making sure the local butcher gives them the best cuts.

Good Chefs know how to cook, but they also know their ingredients, suppliers and seasons on a personal level. Leave it to the pros and boast an in-season, sustainable and local feast; whether it be a wedding banquet for 150 or a canapé evening for 12 close friends on the deck at home.

4. Trends don’t set themselves

Looking for inspiration? Spending hours on sites such as Pinterest? Trying to come up with creative ideas and keeping up with trends takes time. Professional chefs set the trends! These are the tasks a professional chef has to keep on top of daily.

Hiring a Chef to take care of the catering ensures your menu will keep up with current fashions. The entire event will be executed with perfect presentation in a creative and enticing manner.

Good chefs are always aware of what’s going on around them regarding food trends. The latest plate-ware, cooking techniques and advanced methods are in a chefs best interests. Take advantage of this and have a personal chef create the right menu for you.

5. The dishes won’t wash themselves!

Okay, Okay, so some of the Chefs out there might not want me letting you in on all the secrets! However, hiring someone to do the catering isn’t just about the delicious and vibrant food.

personal chef catering service like ‘At Your Table’ takes care of everything from start to finish. One on one menu planning through to catering the event and cleaning up after ourselves! If you weren’t convinced after number 4. You should be now!

Organising an event couldn’t be easier with a service like ours,

Choose a chef, pick a menu and go from there!

If you have recently had a personal chef take care of your catering or have any questions for us, post in the comments box below.

Chris Wright


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