5 Tips to Pull off a Great Paleo Diet Dinner Party
Jun 18, 2019

Does your Paleo lifestyle have you shying away from the idea of throwing a dinner party? Does the idea of planning a menu, shopping, and then coking for a table full of non-Paleo eaters seem stressful? It doesn’t have to be.

First, remember that just because your guests don’t eat Paleo in their everyday lives it doesn’t’ mean they wouldn’t enjoy doing so at a dinner party-almost everyone enjoys something new.

Secondly, do yourself a favor and hire a personal chef to cater your dinner party. While a private chef is a great benefit for a host of any type of dinner party, they can be essential to those planning special diet menus.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to get you started planning you Paleo Diet inspired dinner party.

DON’T focus your guests attention on what’s not at the party, rather highlight all of the amazing food you are serving.

DO choose some of your favorite dishes to serve. If you love a dish, it’s likely your guests will find it tasty as well. Speak with a personal chef about incorporating a few of your favorite items into the dinner party menu.

DO arrange to serve a menu that consists of a few different courses so guests can see the broad range of foods that the Paleo Diet can really offer. There are countless ways to create Paleo-inspired menus that include appetizers, main courses, side dishes, as well as decadent or light desserts.

DON’T make the dinner party about your Paleo lifestyle. Think of it as any other diner party you might throw or attend. It’s about good food, good conversation, and above all, good company. If someone inquires about your Plaeo eating habits, by all means, fell free to share, but otherwise to launch into a PowerPoint Paleo diet presentation.

DO notice how while your guests seem to feel satisfied at the end of the meal they are not super stuffed and about to fall asleep at the table! One of the benefits of a Paleo dinner party is surely avoiding that overstuffed “I ate too many dinner rolls” feeling.

If you live a Paleo lifestyle, don’t let that hold you back from throwing a dinner party or hosting friends in your home. You already know the great benefits of eating the way you do, so why not share it with your dinner party guests? They are sure to thank you for not only a great evening-but for introducing them to some new and exciting ways to eat at a dinner party, and in their own homes.

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