5 Top tips for choosing the right Wedding Caterer!
Jun 14, 2019

This is for all you soontobe Brides and Grooms out there! Those of you who will already know how difficult the meticulous planning of your perfect day can be!

Choosing a Wedding Caterer is just one of many challenges you will face. We don’t mean to overwhelm you, more sympathise with how much you have on.

We are here to help by offering a little advice together with a few pointers for ensuring you choose the right wedding caterer!

When you are selecting a caterer, you are looking for many things; Superb cuisine, professional service, personable staff and the ability to deliver a seamless service whilst under the pressure of providing the perfect package.

Here is a shortlist for our top tips for choosing the perfect wedding caterer:

  • Decide on your Budget
  • Caterer Availibility
  • Caterer tastings
  • Testimonials
  • Customer service


Try to ensure you familiarise yourself with an indication of how much wedding caterers charge.

Investigate what type of package you would like, then ask about the options available within your budget. Talking with a wedding caterer is the only way to see how flexible they can be. Try to find out what menu tweaks and alterations they can make to suit your budget and needs.

Be sure to consider what’s included in the package, as this varies greatly from company to company.


Ok, so wedding caterer’s are usually booked way in advance! Be sure all is clear on the availability of the date in question. Once you have selected a few potential caterers, narrow it down to finding the ones able to work with your special date!

Be sure to confirm payment and deposit details with your caterer; you need to know exactly at what point your booking becomes secure.

Most venues will provide contact lists for a preferred wedding caterer or suppliers.

Again find out what your obligations are in regards to which caterers are preferred and the dates they are available.

Wedding caterer tastings and portfolios

When enquiring with a wedding caterer, check if they offer tasting sessions. Usually, after a series of dish eliminations, the caterer will conduct a tasting and project ideas and concepts for your menu.

Once you are familiar with the style of food, and vice versa, your wedding caterer has more understanding of what you are after, you can then begin to make the final adjustments.

Check out their resume!

The best way you can discover what your chosen wedding caterer is all about, is to conduct some background checks!

Check their social media feeds, testimonial pages, photo galleries of previous events.  Ask them about their motives and ethics, trawl their website trying to get a feel for the type of people that work with and for the wedding caterer of your choice.

Menus, costing and styling will play a big role in your choice but don’t overlook your gut feeling. A good website, informative package descriptions and a hospitable consultation demonstrate a professional approach from the get go!

Try to listen to your instincts, hopefully guiding you to choosing an amicable professional who understands exactly what you expect on your special day.


Professional service stems from initial contact through to the drop of every plate on the day. Choose a wedding caterer who is punctual upon reply, helpful, sincere and accommodating. These tell tale signs in the early stages will demonstrate how they run their catering company.

Your wedding caterer should supply you with confidence, enthusiasm and reassurance!

We understand choosing a wedding caterer is no easy task, that’s why we are here to help,

Do you have any of you own pointers that potential Brides and Grooms should know about?

Are you close to the stage of booking and looking for some last minute tips and guidance on what to ask your wedding caterer?

We would love to hear your comments below.

Chris Wright


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