Australia’s Top 2014 Food and Drink Trends
Jun 18, 2019

Australia is right on top of current world food trends. Artisanal, farmer’s market, kale and quinoa? Check. Pickling, preserving, fermenting and smoking? Check.

But in addition to these worldwide trends are those that are uniquely Australia’s own. In 2014 we will continue to see the amazing results that occur when food, technology and the creative minds that craft our food and drink come together.

Insects Anyone?

Care for a crickets? One of the biggest trends to surfacing is eating edible insects. Restaurateurs, personal chefs, and home cooks will be incorporating these “little bites” into their menus. Why are they becoming popular? While traditional to Chinese heritage, these little critters are also sustainable and an amazing source of protein and nutrition.

Sustainability at the Forefront

Sustainable eating is now a worldwide concern. Australia is no exception.  For Australian chefs this means diving into indigenous ingredients, such as warrigal greens, Wallaby and kangaroo, muntries and quandongs, all of which will soon likely be found at the local pub or catered dinner party.

BBQ is Still Going Strong

Let’s not leave out the bbq. Hotter than ever, inside kitchens are breaking down walls and moving outdoors with pizza ovens, barbecues and smokers. People are taking advantage of the Australian climate and gathering outdoors. From large catered parties to a weeknight dinner for two, there’s nothing like eating alfresco in your own backyard.

Eclectic Asian influence

Asian-influence continues its reign in both classic Austral-Asian and a new breed of Asian hipster food. The extensive, traveled, and complex Australian palate is sure to continue to enjoy classics like smoked eel and raw sea scallops, while expanding its horizons into a new era with things like Peking Duck Burgers, hot dogs with kim chi, and Singapore sling cocktails.

Sommelier Selected Wine Clubs

Let the best Sommeliers in the business choose your wine for you. Sommelier selected wine clubs are hot right now and feature wine hand picked by top sommeliers rather than the procurement team! Check out this club from At Your Tablewhere you can get the best imported and Australian wines chosen by Australia’s leading Sommeliers, at discounted retail prices, delivered to your door. These sommeliers are some of the best in Australia, featuring Stuart Knox (Fix St. James), Matthew Dunne (Aria) and Kim Bickley (Black by Ezard).

Native-Inspired Cocktails

Cocktails are getting a serious shake up as well. Native ingredients are mixed, shaken, and muddled with the high-tech to create amazing infusions. One of the newest trends are cocktails on the go. Need a drink? No need to travel to your local pub, have a caterer bring their well and creatively stocked drink trolley to you. And don’t forget about the wine. Australia has some of the most renowned wines in the world and is a major competitor in the world of wine. Order up a canapés menu as an accompaniment and you are on your way to one amazing party or intimate shindig.

Breakfast. It’s Not Just for Morning Anymore

After cocktails, you’re sure to want some breakfast. No need to rush for the breakfast line before it closes, Australians all day breakfast joints are popping up in droves. Nosh on poached eggs with spicy tomato sauce, bacon rolls, and avocado on sourdough toast at any time of the day. Make breakfast even more personal by having it brought into your own home. Have out of town guests or simply want to celebrate something special? Have breakfast brought in by a personal chef who will create a personalized breakfast menu, any time of the day, just for you and your guests.

Looking Forward to 2014

New food trends and old traditions are combining in exciting new ways to make 2014 an exciting time in the world of Australian food and drink- proving once again that Australia remains one of the hottest food and wine destinations in the world.

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