Best Netflix Chef and Cooking shows in Australia
Aug 14, 2019

Netflix, a TV revelation in every sense and form… We love it in pretty much every way. No ads, quality shows, reasonable subscription prices and more binge-able than a Honey Roasted Macadamia ice cream (FYI This particular ice cream pairs well with all of the below Netflix Chef Shows; You are welcome in advance)

However, Netflix has one problem as far I am concerned. It’s almost too good and sometimes choosing what to watch eats valuable Ice cream time.

That’s why we have created this list of our must-see Netflix Chef Shows.

Best Netflix Food Shows in Australia 2019

  • Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
  • Avec Eric
  • Chef’s Table
  • Cooked
  • The Mind of a Chef
  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Chef and writer Samin Nostrat travels the world to explore the four basic pillars of cooking. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is an educational journey when it comes to our favourite Netflix chef shows.

Each of its four episodes is dedicated to one of these four elements as well as a region of the world. Exploring these four pillars and the ways in which their marriage creates everything we love about food.

Avec Eric

Avec Eric which takes inspiration from the main man Bourdain stars beaded bracelet wearing, French gourmand, Eric Ripert.

Ripert knows his food, he’s pleasant to watch and I personally like his love for non-snobby, real food. I would rather watch Bourdain myself, but as I have seen everything he’s ever released I needed something new to watch and Avec Eric entertained me just nicely!

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is probably the best of the Netflix Chef Shows. Superbly shot, incredibly well thought out and the chefs they have chosen, bravo. What an interesting journey this show takes you on.

6 Seasons of binge worthy entertainment just waiting to be had. I do hope they continue making this, well into the future.

More focussed on the world of elite chefs, and less on the realms of street food, the Netflix chef show leans more towards the professionals of the industry. But non the less it’s a great watch for any foodie.


Cooked is Netflix’s other in-house food show flagship, produced by author Michael Pollan and Alex Gibney.

If you found Chef’s Table a touch on the snobby side of elitism, then Cooked could be just what you’re after. Way more focussed on home cooking as appose to the world of Michelin star,s where 782 chefs garnish the same plate.

In the “Fire” episode they head to the outback exploring the history of flame-cooking meats. Another episode explores the use of Pot cooking in India…

It’s really good television and deserves its place in our best Netflix Chef Shows.

The Mind of a Chef

The Mind of a Chef is a food show Anthony Bourdain produced for PBS, exploring, well.. the mind of a chef.

The Mind of a Chef, combines travel, cooking, history, science and humour in a weekly series about everyone’s favourite topic — food. Each season brings with it a new host as well as fresh and exciting recipes.

With short 20 minute episodes, lock in for a properly easy to binge, educational yet easy going marathon of food porn.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Two Bourdain shows…

This is a list of the Best Netflix Chef shows in Australia, so yes 2 Bourdain shows. I nearly chose 3. Get around it;)

The David Attenborough of the food world, only a touch raunchier in his early days shall we say. A familiar, warming voice that we have come to love when we want to know more about food.

5 Seasons of genius, well presented, education yet easy watching. Enjoy…

Did we miss some of your favourite Netflix Chef Shows? If so stick them in the comments below and we shall dive right in.

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