Catering to your needs, 5 top questions to ask a personal chef!
Jun 14, 2019

So, let’s say you nearly have the catering for your party organised, venue … check, guest list … check … styling and décor … check, Personal Chef … check …

Everything seems to be in place, however you want to run over things one more time to ensure you have it all covered.

Here are a few of our top tips for making sure you get the most out of your experience, leaving the catering to the pro’s, ensuring they have all the info!

Like any aspect of a good dinner party, Wedding, Corporate lunch or High tea; good organization plays a very large part in ensuring everything goes to plan!

Expressing concerns early on and clearing up any uncertainties is the best way to go.

Top 5 questions to ask

  • What about dietary requirements?
  • Do you provide children meals?
  • What would the Chef suggest?
  • Is there enough time in between courses?
  • What should we do about wine pairing?

Catering for Dietary requirements

Make sure you check with your chef what he can offer within his menu should you have some dietary requirements.

Not only does this make your Chef’s life easier, it will help ensure that your guest gets a well planned and thought out dish.

Chefs know their food! Therefore, with a few quick tweaks of the menu, they will be able to cater to their needs, creating exciting dishes for all!

Catering for Children

Most chef’s could tell a story or two about the last minute call for kids meals, it’s surprising how many times this info fails to reach the kitchen.

Catering for children is not difficult but it does involve a separate meal which, with prior notice, is no problem whatsoever!

Simply ask your chef what’s possible, tell them how old the children are and at what point their meal needs serving.

If the Chef is catering for a bespoke wedding of a 100 people, a little planning will make their life easier, ensure the kids have something delicious to keep them quiet and, in turn, your experience will be even better!

Catering is what we do, leave it to us, we have you covered!

Ok so it’s your Wedding day, Sisters birthday or a special event  you have been planning forever and a day and you want everything to be just perfect. You are talking menus with your personal chef and trying to tweak things to get them just right … Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions!

A great personal Chef knows what’s what in the kitchen and can help you tune or modify those extra touches that will make your guests go wild.

Explain what you are after and let them get creative, every chef loves a chance to express their talent!

Have we allowed enough time ?

Running the Wedding plan through your head over and over trying to picture every little intricate detail is no easy task.

Your Wedding planner has your back but don’t forget that the Chef and his catering team will play a large part in the orchestration of your perfect day.

Ask for your Chef’s advice on timings between courses orhow best to space the canapé service with regards to ensuring everything is perfect!

The truth is your Chef wants every Oyster to be perfectly dressed at the last minute, every slice of Truffle to be flawlessly placed and each Pickled crimson grape positioned immaculately.

Don’t be scared to ask for their advice! Remember, that is why you have hired a Personal Chef!

Wine pairing!

So unless you are a secret sommelier or a serious wine fanatic you may be wondering which drop would compliment your dinner the best.

There is a rumour out there that most Chefs like a drink or two, well as true as this may be, they definitely know their wine – not to mention what to pair it with!

Have a chat with your personal Chef, let them know what you have in mind and they can shed a little light on the situation, make some suggestions or move a few things around to ensure that the marrying of flavours is as exquisite as possible!

Basically the idea we are trying to put across is, that chatting with your personal chef beforehand makes everyone’s life easier; thus helping you get the most from your catered event.

‘At Your Table’ wants you to experience the best possible service from start to finish, we want to guarantee you come away totally satisfied.
Have you had a great experience where the catering has been taken care of?

Do you have any advice or ‘must ask questions’?

We would love to hear your comments …

Chris Wright


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