5 Menu Ideas catering for the perfect corporate lunch
Jun 14, 2019

Boardroom meetings, corporate lunches, and product launches all require a mountain of organisation to string together.

Providing food and beverages for those long afternoons, is probably just another thing on your ever growing To-do-list.

A Personal Chef service like At Your Table, can offer a premium solution to your problem. We provide a boutique catering service with delicious menus, created by individual chefs suited to your unique requirements.

Here are 5 of our favourite corporate lunch concepts – 

  • Boxed Bagels/Gourmet Sandwiches
  • Light and Healthy Salads
  • Individual Boxed lunches
  • Corporate Banquets
  • High Teas and afternoon bites

Perfect for a boardroom lunch, product launch, banquet or any instance where some simple, not too messy, easy to serve delicious thoroughfare is required.

Boxed Bagels or Gourmet Sangas

Shared or individual, some creatively boxed Bagels or Gourmet sandwiches laid down the centre of a table create a professional, fuss free, quick to grab lunch option.

Bagel fillings can suit all tastes,  be sophisticated and offer flexibility for eating times. Have a chat with your caterer, discuss filling options, sweet and savoury

  • Smoked Salmon with crème fraiche, pickled red onion and preserved lemon
  • House Smoked Pastrami, pickled cucumber, rocket and gremolata
  • Organic poached Chicken, dill aioli, walnut and celery
  • Vanilla mascarpone with Maple toasted pecans…

Options are endless!

Light and Healthy Salads

A hot day in the office, important decisions, endless notions to ponder over. A light, healthy and intriguing salad could be just what you need to maintain focus and keep hunger at bay.

We are talking vibrancy, visual pleasantry and compelling flavour combinations,

  • Green Tea Smoked Ocean Trout, w’ Asian herbs, peas, sprouts, chilli and lemon
  • Harissa roast Lamb, w’ chickpeas, kale, pumpkin seeds and soaked raisins
  • Fire roasted Capsicum, olive oil soaked sourdough, basil, bocconcini and Sicilian olive
  • Roast beetroot, fig, blood orange, pistachio, vincotto and witlof

A selection of well presented, self-serve-style salads, is a great way of leaving options providing a simple yet impressive catered corporate lunch.

Serving in this style will give a chance for your clients to take a breather, chat amongst themselves and enhance conversational flow.

Individual boxed lunches

If you feel like giving a  more personal touch to your corporate lunch offering, then consider individually packaged lunch boxes.

Forget the tacky stereotype of a lunch box, this idea can be as creative as you like, sleek packaging, intriguing food, with again endless options for thrilling your clients!

A crisp eco-friendly lunch box with a company logo, house baked bread rolls, fresh healthy salads, a bite size lemon meringue pie and some San Pellegrino would satisfy the majority.

A Banquet style corporate lunch

So you have an hour up your sleeve and want your business clients to have a wholesome cooked corporate lunch, perfect … we are able to offer just what you are after.

Organise with your caterer to have hot dishes dropped off at a certain time or prepared onsite if the facilities are available.

  • Large banquet style plates, salads and sides…
  • Hand rolled Gnocchi with French shallots, kale, and tarragon burnt butter
  • Roast dry aged sirloin, warm mushroom salad, parsley, lemon and garlic
  • Grilled Chicken, apricots, basil, pine nuts and baby spinach
  • Steamed broccoli, anchovy and chilli dressing
  • Roasted fingerlings, rosemary, garlic and olive oil

A professionally prepared corporate lunch banquet is sure to impress, leaving clients impressed with your attention to detail and hospitality.

High tea, afternoon bites, loose leaf teas and organic coffee …

A catered corporate lunch doesn’t have to be the only thing you provide, a high tea or afternoon snacks are a great way to keep folk focussed.

A selection of intriguing loose leaf, fair trade teas and organic coffee is a great way to break up a long afternoon. Pair this with some bespoke cakes, slices or handmade cookies and you can guarantee your business associates will be at least happy about one thing!

Have you had any corporate lunch experiences worth mentioning?

We would love to hear your ideas

Chris Wright


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