Food and Drink pairings don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!
Jun 14, 2019

If at some point you have been fortunate enough to experience a multiple course degustation style dinner with elegant drink pairings, then you will know what an indulgent and palette tantalising experience it can be.

Matching food and pairing drinks can enhance both elements, done correctly!

Seven expensive bottles of vino for a dinner party may be okay for some but we are not all high rollers or stock brokers so let me break the good news to you.  Cider and beer driven drink pairings for degustation dinners are in!  This is a chance for all us middle class folk to seem sophisticated with our ‘peasant pairings’.

Seriously though, pairing a selection of ciders or small batch ales with each course is an exciting, unique and affordable way to really impress guests. Not to mention light hearted, fun and bloody delicious!

The increasing use of the terms craft beer and small batch ciders are far more appealing than the common classics, ale or lager. Thus, meaning a certain worldly suaveness goes with serving a bottle of local home-brew.

Old Mates small batch hobby ale, is not only as trendy as a large beard and an armful of tats, it’s affordable, enthralling and civilised!

Here are a few of our favourite, affordable tipples, ideal drink pairings for you to get experimental with,

Affordable Drink Pairings – Our top 5

  • The Hills Cider
  • Red Sails Dry Cider
  • Mountain Goat Summer Ale
  • Holgate Road trip IPA
  • Nail Brewing Clout Stout

We have provided a few flavour profiles to match, take these pairings and create a matched drink dinner for an entertaining social event!

We have chosen 2 different ciders, a summer ale, an IPA and a dark beer. These are general guidelines, try chopping and changing the local craft beers close to home, taking our drink pairings as a starting point!

The Hills Cider company, Adelaide

Packed with pears, this punchy cider has ginger aromas, a non overwhelming sweetness and a certain smoothness about it.

The Hills Apple or Pear Cider would match well with any form of pork, light salads or meaty white fish.

Red Sails dry cider, Tasmania

A more traditional English style cider, fine bubbles, old golden colour and delicate tannins deeming this a great all round cider.

Red Sails cider sits nicely alongside creamy dishes, a cheesy risotto would stand up nicely with the sweet fermented apple! Also surprisingly good with Spanish foods, anything with Pimenton, chorizo and those classic rich smoky flavours of the Basque Region.

Mountain Goat summer ale

For some reason or other, beer served in a can is the latest trendy touch. Hoppy, aromatic and easy to put away, this session ale a great one for summer!

Our personal favourite match for summer, an ale such as Mountain Goat is fantastic with anything Al fresco, think BBQ, salads, grilled shrimps etc…

Holgate roadtrip IPA

Paul Holgate went on a road trip around the states and that’s what inspired his golden IPA. Citrus on the nose, hoppy, and silken finish.

Hoppy and bitter, a good IPA lends itself well to fatty meats, pork, beef briskets, grilled goods and the like.

Nail Brewing, Clout Stout

This is an indulgent Russian imperial stout for the keen beer guzzler. Sweet with a full body, smooth with a bittersweet finish. not the usual go to for degustation drink pairings, although not to be overlooked either! A dark beer, porter or velvety deep drop can hold chocolate notes, bitter tones and a unique flavour profile.

A rich dark beer, stout or brown porter pair really well with grilled vegetables, mushrooms and sweet onions. A dark beer such as the Clout Stout would also sit well with rich fats, butters and olive oils etc..

Do you have some of your own favourite alternative drink pairings?

Please feel free to share your comments below …

Chris Wright


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